wedding love

Love is a commitment. A commitment to serve, a commitment to selflessness, and a commitment to stand by eachother no matter what storm comes your way. Love is not for the faint of hearts. It is for the courageous ones!


About the Photo: First kiss as husband and wife. In honor of my sisters wedding day (September 28th, 2014). May God bless your marriage with strength, wisdom, and truth. Love you both!

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In difficult seasons, despite the circumstance, look to Yahweh and declare that He is your God. Don’t look at the present lacks or stressors, they will only haze your vision. Instead, be strong, press in, and trust in Him; Remember your future is in His hands!


Sometimes it’s just about faith. There comes seasons in life when we don’t understand what God is doing or why we are going through such trails, but maybe the point isn’t to understand. Maybe the point is to trust, have faith, and remain faithful. Trust that He is God. Have faith that He will bring you through. Remain faithful to Him, never looking to your left or to your right. Instead, stay focused on Him; remaining in His will, completely surrendered.


A call to arise and be the light God has called you to be, for we are children of light. We are not called to the deeds of darkness rather we are called to expose them. Therefore have nothing to do with darkness rather learn the ways of Yahweh and shine on!