Assemble Together for Sukkot

Here are the links to my examples and worksheets to help you get out of your wilderness season and into your promised land.

You will want to make copies of them to your own worksheets so you can fill them out and get clarity on your calling and what God may be asking of you during this season:

Exercise 1: Your Mission

State Your Mission

Exercise 2: Your Big 5

The Big 5

Exercise 3: Evaluating Yourself

Self Evaluation

Exercise 4: The Plan

Now for the hard part! Now that you know what it will take to get where you want to go… it is time to pick 1 or 2 of those skills that you need to work on and begin moving up your competency to a 10.

This may be something as simple as reading a book or be as intense as looking for a new job. You alone know what it will take to get you prepared for your calling.