A Word For The New Year

I’ve never been the type to make predictions about the new year but apparently, God has different plans for me this year. I woke up this morning thinking about a verse and knew it was God telling me what to expect in the months to come. While having my morning coffee with Holy Spirit I […]

This Kind Only Comes Out By Prayer And Fasting

I listen to a few different Christian podcasts… Some are more on the theological/scholarly side, some are more on the charismatic/kingdom power side. One thing is for sure… when they all start talking about the same thing, I know God is trying to get my attention! The past three podcasts I’ve listened to have all […]

When God Makes A Promise

I’ve received many prophecies in my life. Some have come to pass, some I’m still waiting to see happen. I even have one that goes all the way back to when I was a baby! Some of them I know will take time to happen but there are some that I feel were supposed to […]

The Little Drummer Boy Next Door

My neighbor recently took up drumming. I think he started about 3 weeks ago… and he practices for hours each day. I remember when he started… it sounded pretty bad. You could hear the constant mistakes and he’d start over and over again… Now here we are just a few short weeks later and guess […]

Every Idle Word You Speak

We all know that what we say matters. You know that right? Ok, even if you didn’t, now you do. 😉 Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. – Prov. 18:21 We’ve all heard it so many times it’s practically become cliche. So why bother bringing it up? because it’s true… but more […]

Why Hopelessness Is A Good Thing

Perhaps the worst feeling we can have is hopelessness. There is nothing that can send me into a tailspin faster than hopelessness. But what if I had a solution? Ok, so it’s not a solution as much as something to give you hope in your hopelessness. It starts with understanding why we become hopeless. Hopelessness starts […]