Don’t Be An Ox

When I first started with CrossFit they spent a long time teaching me how to do the basic Olympic lifts. I have a solid background when it comes to working out so I was pretty over it and ready to just jump right in. I didn’t particularly like missing out on all the exciting workouts […]

The Standard Pace Is For Chumps

High school was very difficult for me for many reasons.   Up until college, I had absolutely no interest in what I was learning. I by the middle of the semester I would have enough of a grasp on what was being taught to coast through the rest of the class. I realized the class […]

Rediscovering Early Christianity

In seeking to understand what Christianity is supposed to look like when walked out (i.e. what the daily life of a Christian should look like) I’ve discovered that if you go to 2 different Christians you will get 4 different answers. As confusing as this may seem it does make a lot of sense if […]

I’m Not Under the Law I’m Under Grace

Law and Grace

Is there really a contradiction? Whenever the topic of Torah observance comes up inevitably the same few verses come up. One of the most misunderstood is Romans 6:14: for you are not under law but under grace. Inevitably the phrase here is used as a way of showing that we do not have to follow the […]