Our King And His Kingdom

I’m going back to school for my new job and I know it makes me a nerd but I’m super excited to go to the store and get school supplies. I have to get a 3 ring binder, a calculator and some graphing paper… I’m like a kid who was just told to go buy candy. […]

What’s Holding You Back?

This was a bit of an intense weekend for me so I’ve been going through the word like woah today to recharge and reconnect with Holy Spirit. As I was reading this morning I came across this verse and I had to stop: You are not restrained by us, but you are restrained in your own […]

Spiritual Growth For The Busy Person

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written and I’m sorry for that. I recently started a new job and I’m taking classes after work for that job. I’ve been so busy I’ve not really had a chance to find my rhythm. It’s tough but it’s what needs to be done to provide for […]

Faster Than A Microwave!

I’m a millennial. It’s a moniker I wear with pride but there is one bad thing about being a millennial that I’ve had to work really hard to overcome: impatience. Let’s be honest… when I want something I want it now… more than that; I want it 5 minutes ago! What do you mean you […]

Not Another New Years Email!

It’s New Years Day – and we’ve just started 2017. And the last thing you need is yet another email talking about goals. Or resolutions. So I won’t give that to you. Here’s what I’ll tell you as the New Year begins. You are good enough. Past sins, guilt, shame… Blah, blah, blah. None of […]

We Need You

Yesterday I was super productive in the morning but by the time the afternoon rolled around I was done. I’d like to blame it on my lack of sleep the night before and Vanessa’s new work schedule throwing me off but I think it had more to do with a complete lack of motivation. How can […]

Don’t Be An Ox

When I first started with CrossFit they spent a long time teaching me how to do the basic Olympic lifts. I have a solid background when it comes to working out so I was pretty over it and ready to just jump right in. I didn’t particularly like missing out on all the exciting workouts […]

The Standard Pace Is For Chumps

High school was very difficult for me for many reasons.   Up until college, I had absolutely no interest in what I was learning. I by the middle of the semester I would have enough of a grasp on what was being taught to coast through the rest of the class. I realized the class […]