Chihuahua Style Courage

There are 3 dogs at my house right now. 1 is a hound, 1 is a pit bull and 1 is a chihuahua.

The hound is a super friendly medium sized dog, the pit bull is the most beautiful mini-horse you’ve ever seen and the chihuahua is snack size for either of the other two.

The 3 of them are running amuck right now barking and pouncing on each other all up and down the hallway…

I love watching them and it makes me think about how much courage it takes for the chihuahua to play that way with a couple of dogs who could literally eat him in one gulp.

He is choosing to take a risk to have some fun instead of sitting back in fear and letting life pass him by.

If my little snack-sized chihuahua can be courageous what does that mean for me and you?

Examine your life today… did you choose courage or comfort?

When given the opportunity to step out or shrink back which did you choose?

Greatness comes in stepping out of your comfort zone. Fulfillment comes from doing the things your thought you never could.

Did you choose courage or comfort?

Here’s one of the best secrets about walking in the Spirit…

Every time you step out in courage… even when it feels like you’ve failed, God takes notice and gives you credit for the win!

God doesn’t care about what it looks like to us. All He cares about is our stepping out in faith and learning to be bold!

God can do miracles any time He wants but He needs courageous people to step out in faith and courage.

That someone is you.

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