Confessing My Pride

Staying on the topic of pride I want to share a little bit about some pride I struggle with.

I was recently introduced to a new minister and he’s basically doing everything I want to be doing.

Every goal I have for my ministry, he’s already accomplished…


Because I’m jealous.

Not the good kind of jealousy where you’re excited for the person and hope to get there some day.

It’s the bad kind of jealousy where I’m acting like a spoiled child asking God why him and not me.

So how do you deal with this kind of jealousy?

Simple; you repent, humble yourself and learn everything you can from that person.

You see the only reason you are jealous is that they have something you want/feel you deserve.

You may even blame God thinking He’s keeping something good from you.

The issue is that it’s all about you.

Do you remember when people started focusing on themselves instead of on God?

Right after the fall…

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked -Gen. 3:7

It was the first time they’d paid any attention to themselves… that’s what pride does to you… it causes you to focus on yourself.

That’s what pride does to you… it causes you to focus on yourself.

Just like instead of being excited for this other minister and wanting to learn from his experience and wisdom I focused on myself and threw a pity-party about what God hasn’t done for me yet…

It’s shameful but it’s something we all can relate to at some point or another.

Well, that’s my confession and moment of brutal honesty.

I hope you can learn something from my faults so you don’t fall into the same pit.


P.S. We are looking for just 1 new partner – – to fund this weekends ice-cream outreach to the homeless. We are going to take the money and use it to buy ice-cream.

I know, not very paleo of us 😧

We are then going to go to the park where the homeless hang out and share the ice-cream and God’s love. We will offer prayer to anyone who wants it and pray for any sick who want it to be healed.

Really, it’s going to be all about sharing the love with the needy here in Sacramento.