Cutest Miracle Ever

I know, I know… It’s a super cheesy title but I promise this story will warm your heart.

We were on a mission trip in Nicaragua. It was one of the last days we would be out there and we like to end these trips with something fun after our intense weeks of ministering.

We were out on the lake being shown around to the different islands and we brought a couple of the local girls with us.

These two little girls had been mini tour guides for us throughout the week (ok, so really it was their mom’s but we will give them credit) and we wanted them to come enjoy the lake as a way to say thank you to them.

Even though they lived only a short drive away from the lake they had never been there. They were too poor to enjoy that sort of luxury.

So the girls were having a great time and wouldn’t you know it… one of the girls gets stung by a bee!

It was the worst!

Here she was having a great day on the lake and now it was ruined.

My wife, Vanessa, gets mad (and she’s married to me so you know it takes a lot to get her mad). She thinks to herself, “We’ve spent the past two weeks seeing God heal people of everything from deafness to broken bones. It’s not fair that this little girl’s day is going to be ruined by this bee sting.”

So she gets up and prays commanding the pain to go…

Sure enough, the pain leaves and the little girl immediately smiles and starts eating her food again like nothing happened.

It was amazing!

That experience reassured me that God truly cares about everything, even what we would consider ‘the small stuff.’

After all, He didn’t have to heal that little girl. She would have been just fine and probably still would have had fun most of the day. Instead, God used it as a chance to show us all just how good He truly is.


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