Why I Don’t Get Flu Shots

It’s a beautiful rainy day here in Sacramento and, as is the norm on a slow morning like this, I’ve had a bit too much coffee. I’m in a great mood and I’m writing you today with a bit of a coffee buzz.

Life is good for me here.

Vanessa and I have some friends, however, where life isn’t so good for them.

They aren’t believers and they are pretty wrapped up in the world’s system.

They’ve fallen into one of the biggest rackets the medical industry has come out with since snake-oil… I’m talking about the flu shot.

They warned us that we should get our flu shots or else we would surely come down with a terrible fever and probably explode or spontaneously combust… (that’s what the flu does to you right?)

We don’t worry about the flu because we know God keeps us healthy…

More than that, we know God uses us to heal sickness and disease.

We have no need to fear sickness; sickness fears us! (Yeah, that’s the coffee speaking 😜)

But seriously, why should I pay to have someone inject me with who-knows-what to maybe protect me from the possibility of getting sick?

So, after many warnings from our friends, they finally gave up on trying to talk us into getting our shots and do you know what happened?

One of our two families has gotten sick and been sick for a few weeks now… can you guess which one it was?

They are convinced we are going to get sick eventually and we’ve been warned that it will hit us even harder than it hit them because we didn’t get our magical flu shot…

I wonder if it’s too late for them to get a refund?

That’s just one of the beautiful things about being a child of God.

We don’t have to fear the pestilence that stalks in the darkness (Psalm 91:6)

Our secular friends don’t understand, how could they?

Vanessa and I are hoping this will lead to an opportunity to share the goodness of God with them.

Pray for an open door for us to share the gospel and maybe even that they would let us pray for them to be healed…

Perhaps this will be an opportunity for them to see that God’s ways are better and that there is something going on beyond their understanding.

In the meantime, enjoy this flu season in divine health! Praise the Lord for His love and protection!

Just So You Know: If you have any questions about walking in divine health or the believer’s authority over sickness and disease please ask me below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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