The End Of The Year Sprint

Good morning Holy Ones.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past week and there is good reason for it.

I’ve been evaluating my life and trying to figure out what is most important to me, my family, and my families future.

It’s the classic question we men ask ourselves: “Who am I?”

The answer I’ve decided on:

I want to be a man other men can look up to.

I want to be a man who uses his strength, not to dominate those who are weaker than me but to be a pillar, a rock for the lifting up and building up of those who need me.

Right now that means getting my finances in order.

I’m making a plan and going to see it through.

Once that is done we will be able to bring this ministry and all we do to the next level.

Bigger outreaches, more mission trips, deeper levels of discipleship, perhaps a church plant or 5… the fun stuff.

I’m all about laser focus right now to finish off 2017 strong and start 2018 off right.

We have less than a month left to make an impact for this year.

How do you want to remember this year?

Will it be the year you became the man you want to be?

Will it be the year you changed your life for the better?

Will it be the year you started on your path to meaning and success?

Or will it just be another year?

You have a little more than 3 weeks to decide what you want out of life.

Make a plan.

And get it done.

3 weeks to do something meaningful.

You got this.


P.S. Tonight will be the last Wednesday night Cafe Q&A:

Tonight we will be going through Galatians and how the teachings of Galatians impact Torah keepers (and of course, answering any and all of your questions).

Starting next week we will be moving Cafe Q&A to Tuesday nights.