Faster Than A Microwave!

I’m a millennial. It’s a moniker I wear with pride but there is one bad thing about being a millennial that I’ve had to work really hard to overcome: impatience.

Let’s be honest… when I want something I want it now… more than that; I want it 5 minutes ago!

What do you mean you couldn’t read my mind and have everything I want just waiting for me???

They call us a microwave generation because we expect everything right here and now… but I think microwaves are too slow.

Waiting for that last 15 seconds… pft!

I don’t remember the last time I let the timer hit “0”.

So how does someone like me learn to pray? You start with something so quick and simple it’s impossible to fail.

Here’s how it works:

First, I had to accept that 5 minutes was too long for me!

Then I had to find an amount of time that I could commit to even when I was exhausted.

For me, that was 3 minutes.

I could get home from work and after a show or after dinner I could still stop and focus on God and listen to Him for 3 minutes.

Over time I began to see the benefit of my time with God. I’d even learn to enjoy and look forward to it.

Once this began to happen I would want to spend more time with Him.

It didn’t matter how long I spent in prayer as long as it was at least 3 minutes.

That simple 3-minute commitment leads to beautiful prayer times and amazing intimacy with God because it is short enough that it’s not threatening or overwhelming¬†like everything else in our lives.

Do you feel guilty for not praying? I know I used to…

If you are like 98% of the people out there who know they need to pray more but aren’t sure where to begin this simple tip should help get the ball rolling.

I also want to encourage you not to put pressure on yourself… if 3 minutes is too long… start with 2 minutes… you know you and you know how busy and overwhelmed you feel.

Start with a time short enough that you will be able to commit to it no matter what else is going on in your life.

You will be pleasently surprised how easy things become once you get some momentum.

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