Nothing In Moderation

I’m terrible at moderation… It’s true. I can’t remember one time when I thought to myself, “Wow, great job at not going all in.” My poor mom always used to tell me, “all things in moderation” and Lord knows I wanted to listen… I’m sure I could moderate myself if I really made it a priority […]

The Powerless Church

Have you ever felt powerless? I know I have. It’s one of the worst feelings there is. You see something happening and there is nothing you can do to stop it. How can this be when the founder of our faith and the one who has commissioned us has all the power in the universe […]

A Man Without Purpose Is Already Dead

There is nothing worse for a man than having no sense of purpose. Ladies, you’ll be able to learn a few things too but this one is for the men. Men find meaning in taming the untamable, conquering the unconquerable, defeating the undefeatable foe. A man needs a purpose greater than himself for his life […]

Father Abraham The Coward?

We all know father Abraham… He had many sons, and many sons had father Abraham. (I’m hoping you will be humming that song for the rest of the day) We all know him as the father of our faith. He’s known for his great faith and obedience to God. But, before he was a man […]

TV, Facebook & Video Games Vs. Your Life

Some people like TV, others like Fakebook… Me? I like video games. There are times when you need to just allow yourself to shut down. Video games (along with TV and Fakebook) are not inherently bad in themselves. It’s when they get in the way of achieving real life victories that they become a problem. […]

Is Your Work God’s Work?

So… I was praying this morning and a funny thing happened. God told me to get going. He’s never told me that before. Usually, I feel like He’s willing to stay there with me for as long as I’m willing to remain in His presence. But today was different. It’s like He knew I had […]

The Person Of Peace

Good morning holy one, It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here at the Robles household and we are waking up slow. Yesterday during our prayer walk we met one of our neighbors. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this our person of peace?” If you aren’t familiar with the “person of peace” it’s a phrase that comes […]

5 Friends, 5 Years

It took me a while but it’s finally happened. I’ve realized time is the most valuable resource I have. It’s the lack of control I have of my time that is driving a majority of the change I’m seeking right now. It’s why I love anything that helps make my day more efficient. It’s also why […]