I Have All The Emotions!

God’s been doing something funny to me lately… He’s been giving me emotions again. Not that I’ve been totally numb, I’ve had my basic emotions,  but lately, it’s like a light switch has been turned on and I suddenly have all the emotions. I’m like that high school girl crying at every movie I watch. I’m not […]

Obedience And Kingdom Power

I have a little trick I use to hear from God when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It also works when I’m overly emotional about a subject. It’s nothing fancy, but it works. And I’m all about what works. So after asking God about the ministry and which direction I should take it; He gave me a […]

The Little Drummer Boy Next Door

My neighbor recently took up drumming. I think he started about 3 weeks ago… and he practices for hours each day. I remember when he started… it sounded pretty bad. You could hear the constant mistakes and he’d start over and over again… Now here we are just a few short weeks later and guess […]

Coffee Shop Outreach & I Need Your Help

Happy Sukkot to all my holy ones out there! I’m so unprepared this year it’s not even funny… It seems like no matter how hard you try to prep for something there is always something that gets in the way of your plans. My latest plan: a Bible study in a local coffee shop. Here’s […]

Responsible For Your Soul

I heard a story a while back about a young minister… He was speaking with one of the great ministers of his time. He shared how he was struggling to feel like he was making an impact and was thinking of quitting. He told that great minister that he didn’t feel like he was doing […]

I’m Through With The Bible!

You heard me! Done! So, naturally, I started over in Genesis… Oh, wait… did you think I meant I wasn’t going to read it anymore? LOL A funny thing happened though when I started over… I felt Holy Spirit pointing me to the Gospels. So, that’s where I am right now. I don’t know how […]

They Tried To Break Into My House! 🏡

Can you believe it? Someone tried breaking into my house! I was at work and I got a call from my wife… She said our alarm company called her and that our alarm was going off… So I came home to check on the place… pulled out my emergency knife from my truck and walked […]