She Broke My Heart đź’”

Yesterday I met a sweet little old lady, Not too old, probably in her late 50’s early 60’s. She was pushing her cart down the street. We said, “hi,” made some small talk. And it broke my heart. She asked me how long I’d been living here and I told her I just moved in, […]

The Power Of A Prophetic Word

Not too long ago my wife got a message from an old friend of ours… It was about a prophetic word I’d given her husband years ago, back when we were the prayer team for the little church we were attending. We’ve not spoken to them in years (look at that; I found a use […]

I Could Do This All Day

My wife loves Captain America… She loves what he stands for, she loves his nobility, his ability to lead, his clear definition of right and wrong… You know what I love about him (other than his biceps which I’m totally jealous of)? I love his resilience When we are introduced to Steve Rogers (Captain America’s real […]

Praying In The Promise

The past two weeks have been stressful. When I say stressful I mean… emotional rollercoaster wife breaking down into tears stressful. Why, you ask? Because the loan company we used lost its biggest investor and is currently imploding. As a result, we’ve been jumping through hoop after hoop to get the loan for our house. What […]

The Worst Thing About Mission Trips

The worst thing about mission trips… They completely ruin you for pew warming. You simply can’t compare a Holy Ghost journey in full of mystery, supernatural healings and deliverances along with some potentially life-threatening danger just around the corner all completely out of your control with passively sitting in a scripted, air conditioned, predictable, perfectly timed, […]

5 Ways You Have Been Made Free

🎆 Happy 4th of July to you and your family! 🎆 My wife loves the 4th of July… That’s not entirely true… she loves fireworks and since we get to see fireworks on the 4th, she loves the 4th. My dog, on the other hand, hates fireworks… although to be honest, I don’t know if he hates fireworks […]

The Kingdom Living Newsletter

It’s official, today is the day! I feel like last month took forever but it’s finally July 1st and we are releasing the first issue of the Kingdom Living newsletter! As I promised, everyone who is signed up for our email updates will be getting this first issue free as a digital copy. All of our […]

Cutest Miracle Ever

I know, I know… It’s a super cheesy title but I promise this story will warm your heart. We were on a mission trip in Nicaragua. It was one of the last days we would be out there and we like to end these trips with something fun after our intense weeks of ministering. We […]

Fight One More Round

Growing up I remember I’d often see this poem my dad had… My dad was a kickboxer so he had all sorts of fighting memorabilia all over the garage where we’d work out. This poem, in particular, stood out to me. It was there to encourage you when you were ready to give up, when your […]