It Feels Good To Be Home

Last night I got home late from work… We were working out in Napa and had to go in after the kitchen had closed down.

By the time I got home Vanessa was sleeping already and when I walked in she smiled and I just couldn’t wait to hold her. Although it was only a short day we spent apart it still felt great to be reunited.

That’s how God feels when we turn to spend time with Him also.

Nothin’ but love and joy to be spending time with you.

Do you want to know my favorite way of getting in God’s presence?

That’ll be covered in our first newsletter going to the printers today!

What’s that you say? You wonder if God even loves you?

You read the scripture that says, “Jacob have I loved but Esau I hated” and think: but what if I’m like Esau?

Don’t worry, we cover that too…

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