When It Feels Like God Doesn’t Hear Your Prayers

I was having a hard time praying this morning…

It felt like nothing I was saying was getting through.

What did I do?

I gave up.

I just started to pray “The Lord’s Prayer”

It’s amazing to me how much power is in that prayer.

I find that no matter what season I’m in or what need I have… The Lord’s Prayer is a perfect prayer for the situation.

Something about declaring “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” just seems to shift the atmosphere.

Go figure…

There is power in committing¬†to doing The Lord’s will.

Once my heart was in the right place (surrender to Him) suddenly I knew I had heaven’s attention. At that point, I asked Holy Spirit what He wanted for me today…

And wouldn’t you know it?

He answered.

So, you use His prayer, to find His will, to receive His grace, to do His work.

And that, my friend, is all you will ever need to know about spiritual growth.

How do you like that for putting a nice, neat bow on things?

Now go out and do some good.


P.S. Speaking of going out and doing some good;

I’ve been talking with a Jahovas Witness lately, going back and forth sharing scripture and discussing theology. We’ve gotten to the point where the only logical solution is to start meeting and going through the scriptures from the beginning and working our way through them.

I’ll post the meetup sometime¬†this week so you can join us if you are in the area. Also, invite your lost/confused friends. We are going to be going through the Bible slow so we can answer any and all questions people may have. It’s going to be way fun!

If you live too far from Sacramento and can’t make it but want to help support this outreach (i.e. buy me a coffee or sandwich¬†to eat while teaching scripture) go to:


It will be much appreciated!