Getting Saved And Sanctified. A Quick Explanation And Definition.

Yesterday was a busy day.

Vanessa and I were working hard cleaning the house, yard and garage.

I knew the garage was a mess….

Every time I’d try to go in there I’d turn right back around and close the door.

We had to buy a few things and clean a few random areas but it’s clean and in order¬†now.

That was the obvious win.

The not so obvious win was the yard.

I cleaned the rain gutters and Vanessa raked the mess.

We trimmed the bushes and cut back all the overgrowth.

You just don’t realize how ragged a yard looks until you get it cleaned up.

It’s a lot like salvation and sanctification.

Getting the garage in order was an obvious need. Anyone looking could see it was a disaster.

That’s salvation.

Cleaning up the inside.

Everyone knows their soul is a mess when they come to Yeshua. He cleans you up and you feel the difference.

Suddenly, instead of chaos there is peace.

The yard, that you didn’t think looked that bad, however…

That’s sanctification.

You don’t realize how bad you needed it until it is done.

Your yard is generally clean just like your behavior.

Your average person walking by won’t think twice about it because there is nothing glaringly wrong.

But once you’ve done a bit of maintenance…

It goes from: “Yep, that’s a yard”

To: “Hey, that place looks good!”

The changes sanctification brings are much more subtle than salvation but they add up.

Cleaning the gutters, raking the yard, edging the grass, trimming the bushes…

They don’t make a big impact on their own but when you put them all together the whole neighborhood notices the difference.

Those small changes in your character you’ve made over time.

Individually they were little.

But now, as you’ve grown and put them all together… Everyone sees the person you’ve become.

That’s sanctification.


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