Why Hopelessness Is A Good Thing

Perhaps the worst feeling we can have is hopelessness.

There is nothing that can send me into a tailspin faster than hopelessness.

But what if I had a solution?

Ok, so it’s not a solution as much as something to give you hope in your hopelessness.

It starts with understanding why we become hopeless.

Hopelessness starts when we realize we desire something we have no ability to achieve or maintain.

We will use my desire for wide scale revival in California as an example.

I lost hope over the years because I came to understand that not everyone was as excited as I was about the things of God or serving Him.I lost hope because I came to understand how many Churches would have to work together and pursue God in greater ways. I lost hope because I saw how ineffective I was at changing the hearts of many of the people closest to me.

It was all so far beyond anything I could achieve in my own power.

I couldn’t see it happening and I lost hope.

My dream died.

Part of me died with it.

Now the Buddhist (or rather the demon behind Buddhism) would say, “See, this is why you shouldn’t desire anything. If you don’t desire anything you won’t experience this pain.”

But the desires are good, and the God who put those desires in me is good.

You see, once I had completely given up on that dream and that part of me died, God was able to step in.

It was only after the dream was dead and all hope was lost that God brought resurrection life and power into it.

He began uprooting everything in my life and ordering it making me into the man I need to be to bring that dream to pass.

God used my hopelessness to bring me to a place of complete surrender; i.e. death to self.

It was in that surrender that my life and my dream died and I became a living sacrifice.

The only desires God will fulfill are the ones that are completely surrendered to Him. They are the ones we have placed on the altar of sacrifice.

In that death, God will resurrect what is of Him and leave dead what is not.

What He resurrects will then have Holy Spirit power behind it and you will see the promises fulfilled that God had placed in you so long ago.

  • Hopelessness leads to death.
  • Death leads to resurrection.
  • Resurrection leads to glory.

Obviously, California isn’t in revival yet. But I am.

And where I go, revival comes with me.

Have you lost hope?

You may be exactly where you are supposed to be.

Give your dream to God and put it on the altar as a sacrifice to Him.

If it is from Him, He will resurrect it.

If not, He has something better for you and you didn’t want it anyway.

Either way, there is hope.


P.S. I’m pushing my F.B. accountability group hard right now cause I want some folks to keep me accountable. (Yes, I’m being selfish here lol)

Go join and help keep me on track (Lord knows I need it) and I promise I’ll do the same for you: