Hospital Healing

hospitalOne of the greatest benefits we have received from Yeshua is the ability to heal the sick. It is part of what He paid for during His passion. The fact that He was beaten before He was crucified secured (paid for) our physical bodies to be healed. Every time we heal someone in the name of Yeshua we are simply receiving what Yeshua paid for 2000 years ago.

Every believer SHOULD begin healing the sick because Yeshua was beaten and His body broken so that we could be healed.

Our first day ministering while in Nicaragua we went to the local hospital to heal the sick.

Usually what happens is you pray for someone and their pain goes away. This is awesome for them but hard for me because they still have to stay in the hospital until the doctor confirms their healing and they get to go home. Unfortunately for me (because I like to see the results) we leave by the time a doctor comes to give them a  new diagnosis.

One healing that stood out the most this time was a man who was not a patient but was visiting someone in the hospital. We make it a point to ask those who are visiting if they have any pain or need prayer for anything and this man happened to have a shoulder injury.

We commanded the pain to go and the shoulder to be healed.

He began to move his arm around. We told him to “do something he couldn’t do before” and he told us “that’s what I’m doing.”

The funniest thing happens when someone gets healed and it seems strange to me but it happens on a fairly regular basis: he didn’t get excited, thank us or God, instead, he got quiet, kept moving his arm around and walked out of the room…

It’s as if he knows he was healed but he can’t believe it happened.

Praise God!

What Believers Need to Know About Healing the Sick

  1. Yeshua Never Prayed for the Sick: You will notice I’ve not once said we prayed for the sick. This is because we are not commanded to “pray for the sick” we are commanded to “heal the sick.” As you go though the Gospel account you will find that Yeshua always spoke the healings into existence. That is what He demonstrated to us and what He wants His followers to imitate.
  2. Yeshua Said These Signs Will Follow All Who Believe: Yeshua promised us that because we believe in Him we would be able to “lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” According to Mark 16:17-18 there are 2 conditions we must fulfill to heal the sick:  1 – We must believe in Yeshua. 2 – We must “lay hands on the sick.” So if we are not seeing the sick healed around us we have to ask ourselves why. Which of these 2 conditions are we not practicing? (Usually it’s #2)
  3. Yeshua Said it is By Our Faith: Healing is something we grow in. Just like any other spiritual gift, the more we use it the more our faith grows and the greater miracles we will see. In the natural I can’t decide I want to run a 4 minute mile and go out and do it today. I would need to begin training and work up to it. It is the same thing with spiritual gifts. We are told in Romans 12:6 to exercise our gifts “according to the proportion of our faith.” When we do this we see how God shows up and our faith grows.
  4. Faith Is Not the Same as Hope: Unfortunately, many people never pray for healing except when they are in a desperate situation. They have never seen a healing and have never been used by God to heal someone. Then when dear old Aunt Sally gets sick they want to see her healed and begin to pray asking God to heal her. This is not faith, it’s hope. People who have no foundation for trusting God in healing are hoping that He will do something miraculous for them because they are emotionally in need. When it doesn’t happen they get mad at God or believe that “healing isn’t for today.” Neither is true, the fact of the matter is that they were hoping for a miracle instead of trusting in the promises of God with a foundation of faith based on a history of seeing what He can and does do.

Part of growing into “the fullness of Messiah” is growing in healing. It is what our Messiah Yeshua demonstrated for us and if we are to be His disciples we cannot neglect this area. It is something we must grow in and without a mentor it is harder to begin growing in faith for healing but can be done if we truly seek it out as we are commanded to. Begin with little things. You aren’t going to be able to clear out a cancer ward your first time laying hands on people for healing (or maybe you will I’m not going to try and limit God if He tells you to do that than by all means go for it!).

Vanessa and I started with healing her plants that she hadn’t watered and were dying. We gave them water and commanded life to return to them.

Lay hands on people with coughs, fevers, allergies… find excuses to pray for people and ask God to bring sick people to you. He is faithful and He will send people to you and when you pray for them, command their sickness to go!

Question: How often do you lay hands on the sick? What is holding you back? Let me know why you haven’t or about a healing you have seen in the comments below: