I Could Do This All Day

My wife loves Captain America…

She loves what he stands for, she loves his nobility, his ability to lead, his clear definition of right and wrong…

You know what I love about him (other than his biceps which I’m totally jealous of)?

I love his resilience

When we are introduced to Steve Rogers (Captain America’s real name) he’s a scrawny, sickly looking little nothing of a man.

He’s getting beat up by some thug in the alleyway and after his third or fourth time standing up after being knocked down his attacker asks him, “you just don’t know when to give up do you?”

What’s Captain America’s response?

– I could do this all day –

That’s what inspires me.

The kid is in way over his head.

I’m sure he knows he doesn’t stand a chance in this fight but he keeps getting back up.

Every time he’s knocked down, he gets up.

I’m convinced now more than ever if we want to change the world, that’s the number one character trait we need.

Life comes at us swinging and just when we think we have a moment to catch our breath, here it comes again…

the punches just keep coming: work, bills, car troubles, social pressures, co-workers, bosses, diets, temptation, sin…

It really is never ending.

And scripture doesn’t tell us it ends; it tells us to get back up. I love the sound of the King James for this verse:

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again. -Prov 24:16


In my life, it seems like change is happening so fast now that I don’t even have time to adjust to the previous change before the next few come along…

And Lord knows I’ve been knocked down.

Everyone gets knocked down.

Getting knocked down isn’t what defines who you are.

The quality of your character comes from how many times you get back up.

Next time life knocks you down, don’t run in shame or hide because you’ve taken another punch to the jaw. Look that thug right in the eye and tell it,

I could do this all day.


While we don’t have a special serum to make your biceps grow like Captain America had we do have something to give you a fighting chance against the world and the enemy. We have access to Holy Spirit.

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