Lack Of Time Or Lack Of Priorities

When we were living in San Jose things were crazy… we were living in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment while I worked full time and Vanessa worked 2 jobs just to pay the bills. We were both busy as could be, never saw each other and our stress levels were going up every day.

In my pride I thought, this is my home, I grew up here and I’m going to make it work!

It wasn’t until a friend of mine moved and told me how they were getting a 5 bedroom house for what we could get a 2 bedroom apartment for in San Jose.

Life in San Jose was out of control and moving was the best thing we could have done. It was scary and nothing has turned out as planned but we have no desire to go back.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of priorities.

If you have no time, are always “too busy” or feel stressed out about trying anything new, then it’s time to check your priorities.

My misplaced priority of living in the area I grew up in was destroying my life.

There are times in life where things are beyond your control like the price of housing in a certain area. In those times you have to evaluate if it’s worth it for you to stay where you are or if it is time to relocate.

There are other times when regaining control can be something as simple as learning to say “no” to other people’s expectations of you.

I know this goes against the common Christian philosophy of having a “servant’s heart” and how that means you need to burn yourself out helping everyone else to show how good of a servant you are…

Let me assure you that sort of mentality is not found anywhere in the scriptures.

You will never see Yeshua burning himself out to run around and make the masses happy… But that’s exactly what we try and do.

Yeshua had a mission to do and nothing was going to keep Him from that priority. Anytime things began to get out of control He would remove Himself from the situation, get alone with Abba and re-focus on His mission.

The apostles did the exact same thing. They knew exactly what they were called to do. They had a mission and made sure it was the priority in their lives. When issues came up that would distract them from their mission they had other’s take care of it for them (Acts 6).

The greater the impact you want to make the less time you have to waste on other things. This is especially true of the kingdom of God.

A “servant’s heart” is not about burning yourself out doing everything for everyone.

A servant’s heart is knowing what your Master desires of you and making that priority #1.

What does your God desire of you? Is there time in your life to accomplish what He is asking of you?

What needs to change to create the time in your life to be “about your Father’s business”?

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