Like Captain Kirk and Spock

Captain Kirk had Spock, Tom had Jerry, Han had Chewbakka, Mac has cheese…

and I too am looking for a partner.

Someone to keep me accountable. More than that; someone to push me for one year.

I’ve set a challenge for myself this year and it’s to grow spiritually. This doesn’t happen alone! World change comes through partnership, it comes through a band of brothers working together to bring about change. Think of it like spiritual weight lifting 🏋️  a spiritual spotter so to speak.

I’m seeking at least one brother to come alongside me as we pursue God like never before. The goal is that by the end of the year we will be spiritual juggernauts leading revival here in Sacramento. When one gets tired or begins to slip the other can help lift him up. If one is weak or struggling the other can be the support need.

Our spiritual walk was never meant to be done alone.

This is why I’m seeking someone close. Someone I can meet with on a regular basis even when we both have busy lives.

Here’s a basic outline of what I’m seeking accountability for:

  1. Daily Bible Reading
    • It doesn’t matter how long just as long as it is long enough for God to speak to me through my reading
  2. Daily Prayer
    • Asking Holy Spirit to show me what He wants from me today
    • Asking Him for direction for my day
    • Asking Him if there is anyone He wants to point out to me
  3. Daily Meditation
    • Being still and knowing that He is God for at least 20min a day
  4. Daily Journaling
    • Thanking God for what He has done for/through me that day
  5. Scripture Memorization
    • As God gives me promises or highlights something important in scripture, write it down and memorize it

I know these are all simple fundamental things but they are the foundation for any and all spiritual growth.

There is a lot more I’d like to get into but I figure we can go over that over the course of the next year.

All that being said I’ve just finished the first issue of our “Kingdom Living” newsletter and it’s all about growing in the anointing of Holy Spirit. I’ll be sending everyone on my email list a free digital copy so you can learn how to grow in anointing and favor with God and man.

If you aren’t on our email list yet, go to our home page and sign up!

Here’s the link for you:

If you are already signed up expect it to come on July 1st.

If joining with me on a regular basis and teaming up to take over this city sounds fun to you and you are in the area send me a message or email me and let’s get together.