The Main Thing That Keeps You From Growing Spiritually

There is nothing more humbling than learning something new.

This is especially true when it comes to something you already think you’re good at.

Or the things we grew up with and are most familiar with.

For most people, their spirituality is sacred ground and not to be touched in any way.

It doesn’t matter that they’ve never really thought about it or studied it or even honestly tired living it out…

What they grew up with is what “is” and they are right and that settles it.

God calls that pride.

And it’s what’s holding you back from growing spiritually.

The truth is unless your life looks an awful lot like what we read of Yeshua doing in the Gospels than you still have a lot of room to grow.

If you aren’t willing to analyze your spiritual walk and “inspect the fruit” then you will never become who God has made you to be.

Yeshua calls that being an old wineskin. (Luke 5:37, Mark 2:22, Matthew 9:17)

The minute you think you know it all and are unwilling to hear someone who has a different understanding than you do, you’ve become an old wineskin, you’ve plateaued spiritually.

That’s it, game over man, game over.

I’m not saying you have to believe everything any nut off the tree says but I am saying you need to be willing to hear them out and test it against scripture.

That being said, you need to take the time to go through your beliefs and test them also.

Any belief you are unwilling to test with scripture is limiting your spiritual growth.

You’ve become hard and are unable to receive the new wine God has for you.

What’s more important? Being “right” or growing spiritually?

Take some time this week and look at the beliefs that challenge you or the people who’s teachings offend you. Is it because they are wrong or because they are right and are a reminder that you don’t have all the answers?


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