Make Billions And Have Perfect Abs!

Here’s the cold hard truth:

Life is not about what you know and knowledge is NOT power.

Knowledge is potential power.

I really do wish it were about what we know. If that were the case then every one of us would be running around making billions with perfect abs.

I can give you the knowledge to make you the most spiritually powerful person since the apostles but that wouldn’t mean anything unless you applied my teachings daily.

But you say, “Andre, are you saying you live the life of an apostle?”

My answer to you is, “No; at least not yet.”

You see I have knowledge, I have read books by many of the greatest ministers and people God has used to create powerful and lasting movements.

But all that reading equates to absolutely nothing if I never apply what I’ve read.

I’m convinced that if I could apply just 1/10 of what I’ve learned I’d be on par with the apostles.

I’m not saying that to brag, quite the opposite, I’m saying that to my shame.

Believe me, nobody is harder on me than I am.

How much will I be held accountable for on my day of judgment? How many missed opportunities? How many talents have I buried (Matt 25:14)?

I hate using myself as the negative example but I have no better example to use.

So what will it take to get those perfect spiritual abs?

Daily application of that knowledge.

You want spiritual authority? Spend time in prayer.

You want to move in the prophetic? Find a group to meet with regularly and prophecy over each other.

You want to move in healing? Go to Walmart and ask the people buying medicine if you can pray for them.

Buying the gym membership doesn’t get you the six-pack. Showing up every day and working up a sweat does.

It’s the same thing spiritually. When the apostles were being trained by Yeshua they were out with the people every day learning and taking action on what they learned.

We have been taught our whole lives that it’s all about what we know and we have been taught wrong.

Go out and do!