The End Of The Year Sprint

Good morning Holy Ones. I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past week and there is good reason for it. I’ve been evaluating my life and trying to figure out what is most important to me, my family, and my families future. It’s the classic question we men ask ourselves: “Who am I?” The answer […]

Where We Lack

Good Monday Holy Ones, I’m not gonna lie, last week was rough for me. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was going on but I get the feeling it was the volcano explosion of emotion that comes from burying your feelings for years. I’ve been dealing with some issues and there have been a few exciting […]

Losing That Edge

We spend a lot of time trying to make life easier. But what if things are just a bit too easy these days? Before I got married I was working and going to school full time. My life was get up, go to school, go to work, go home and go to bed. I was […]

I Have All The Emotions!

God’s been doing something funny to me lately… He’s been giving me emotions again. Not that I’ve been totally numb, I’ve had my basic emotions,  but lately, it’s like a light switch has been turned on and I suddenly have all the emotions. I’m like that high school girl crying at every movie I watch. I’m not […]

I Need Your Help For The Big Day

So Valentine’s day is Vanessa’s favorite holiday. She loves it, always has and always will. Even when she was single she’d get together with her friends and they’d all watch girly movies and hang out all night (well till like 9 when my woman inevitably falls asleep lol) So this puts a lot of pressure […]

Gettin’ Real Up In Here

I have a late start at work today and so far I’ve had a pretty productive morning… then I realized between work and school I’ve not written an email in a while so I wanted to apologize and say “Hi!” I feel terrible about not writing and there is only so much I can do to […]

It Feels Good To Be Home

Last night I got home late from work… We were working out in Napa and had to go in after the kitchen had closed down. By the time I got home Vanessa was sleeping already and when I walked in she smiled and I just couldn’t wait to hold her. Although it was only a […]

A Letter For The Men

It’s Monday again and the week is about to kick into full swing. Vanessa was gone all weekend so I had some time to do some serious introspection on myself and my life. I was thinking about my job and it’s impact on the next 30 years of my life but more importantly, I was […]

Communication: How to Be the Man of Her Dreams

The sad reality is that in our modern rat-race we call society we are more connected thanks to social media and at the same time more lonely than ever before. Men, believe it or not, your wife is lonely. She has her friends who tell her what is going on in their lives and every […]

Who Else Wants a Happy Wife?

Vintage Romance

We all want a happy marriage. Even those of us who are in good marriages are always looking for ways to make them better. The smart ones who are in great marriages are only there because they put constant work into learning and devoting time to improving their marriages. I know that most of us […]