The Most Meaningful 20 Minutes You’ve Ever Had

This weekend was our community outreach.

It was a fun time sharing warm cups of coffee and spending some time listening to the stories of the folks down at the park.

I had a very bittersweet experience when we stopped at the swingset on our way out.

Our friends brought their little girls so we stopped to let them play on the swings.

A couple other little girls came over and asked us to push them on the swings too.

One was 8 the other looked to be about 11.

Both girls were really dirty and looked like they hadn’t bathed in a few days.

The older girl was obviously capable of swinging on her own but she insisted I push her.

I spent about 20 minutes with them both just going back and forth pushing them on the swings as they were both calling out for me to push them higher, higher!

Finally, I had to let them know we were leaving and I had to stop pushing them.

The smiles left their faces and I quickly saw them return to the broken-hearted children that first walked up to us.

It breaks my heart to know it had very little to do with the act of pushing them on the swings that made them happy…

It was all about the attention they were receiving.

Safe, positive, affirming attention.

These moments are the reason we go.

The simple act of listening to someone’s story, or pushing a little girl on the swings…

For a moment in time, you have the ability to make someone’s life better.

I hope you will come with us next time we go out.


P.S. Because of Thanksgiving we will not be having our weekly Cafe Q&A this week. Hope that doesn’t mess up any plans. 😳 If so, hit reply and email me and we can figure something out. Love you guys!