Messianic Mystics

Throne-1I was introduced to mysticism early in my Christian walk. I began learning and developing a vibrant and intimate relationship with our Creator before I even truly had a foundation in His word. I’ve read through the books of many well-known Christian mystics and adopted many of their practices in my life. Now that I keep Torah I find that I have a new perspective on many of the ascetic practices many of those mystics kept.

I can’t help but wonder if through their asceticism they were inadvertently keeping Torah?

If you think about it many of them restricted their diets usually to the point of eating just vegetables (in at least one case I can remember it was reported the only food she ate was the communion wafers and wine).

They spend most of their days devoting their lives to prayer so it’s more than likely they were keeping Sabbath; not intentionally, but by the fact that they were not working regular jobs.

Could it be possible that the easiest way to encounter God is to obey His commands? (I hope you notice the sarcasm there.)

True Christianity, after all, is rooted and grounded in the people and God of Israel.

In fact, many pioneer Messianic Jewish believers were Jewish mystics.

We may never quite know how much gratitude we truly owe these early Jewish mystics.

Our goal is to continue their work of combining the mystical teachings of Judaism with those of Yeshua the Messiah, the Apostles and the many other Christian and Jewish mystics throughout the centuries.

Unlike other forms of mysticism, authentic Messianic Mysticism is based on Torah and the B’rit Chadashah, and it is only these Scriptures which determine the authenticity of Messianic Mysticism.

Because of where we Stand as Messianics we can freely drink from both Christian and Jewish mystics alike.

I look forward to hearing from many of you who have a knowledge of Jewish mystics and mystical teachings just as I look forward to sharing much of my knowledge of the centuries of Christian mysticism.

It is my hope that through these upcoming studies the mystical illuminations of Torah and the B’rit Chadashah will be made easy to understand in simple practical and tangible ways.

I know that mysticism can be a scary topic and many people even believe it to be evil at its core but the purpose of Messianic Mysticism is to become united (cleaved, linked) with the Ultimate Essence, the Supreme Being, the one true God. “God is One,” meaning that God is the Ultimate Source and Essence of everything.

Throughout my history walking with the Lord, He has always given me a grace for the supernatural and the expectation that we can know Him and hear from Him.

He has also allowed me to be used time and again to teach and train people in the supernatural. I believe this is a grace I must accept and learn to embrace.

I hope to delve more deeply into this topic over the next few months and being to really explore how easily a person living a holy life can truly enter into His courts.

Perhaps through it all we can join the ranks of the great mystics we read about in our scriptures.

What do you think? Is mysticism a scary topic?
ow much do you know about it and who are some of your favorite mystics?