The Person Of Peace

Good morning holy one, It’s a beautiful SundayĀ morning here at the Robles household and we are waking up slow. Yesterday during our prayer walk we met one of our neighbors. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this our person of peace?” If you aren’t familiar with the “person of peace” it’s a phrase that comes […]

My Book Habit

Good morning holy one, It’s Monday morning and I’m feeling pretty good. there is a lot going on in my life right now… If I could sum up my life in one word it would be: Transition. God made it clear that the new house was only the beginning but I don’t think I realized […]

She Broke My Heart šŸ’”

Yesterday I met a sweet little old lady, Not too old, probably in her late 50’s early 60’s. She was pushing her cart down the street. We said, “hi,” made some small talk. And it broke my heart. She asked me how long I’d been living here and I told her I just moved in, […]

An Impossible Command

I was on a roof all day today. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. It was quiet and I was left alone with my thoughts. Even my phone died half way through the day. (I can’t wait until this whole cell phone fad is over and I’m not expected to have it […]

The Worst Thing About MissionĀ Trips

The worst thing about missionĀ trips… They completely ruin you for pew warming. You simply can’t compare a Holy Ghost journey in full of mystery, supernatural healings and deliverances along with some potentially life-threatening danger just around the corner all completely out of your control with passively sitting in a scripted, air conditioned, predictable, perfectly timed, […]

Taking Your Promised Land

Good morning holy-ones! Today is a super good day for me because I got to sleep in and I’m able to enjoy my coffee in a coffee mug ā˜•ļø instead of a travel cup. It’s the little things in life that really add up to something great. Sure, I’ll be working late tonight but this […]

Cutest Miracle Ever

I know, I know… It’s a super cheesy title but I promise this story will warm your heart. We were on a mission trip in Nicaragua. It was one of the last days we would be out there and we like to end these trips with something fun after our intense weeks of ministering. We […]

Hope Goes To Nicaragua

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went with a new friend out to a worship service and it was amazing! Holy Spirit was thick there and He gave me some great revelation. There was one gentleman there that Holy Spirit highlighted to me and I didn’t know why… I just knew he had authority […]

Why I Take Action

It seems like as soon as I began working on this training series for spiritual warfare everything has just been difficult. It’s like I’m walking uphill in the mud. It’s like all of a sudden every little critter in the area has turned its attentionĀ to me. It seems as if I’ve lost all motivation for […]