I Need Your Help For The Big Day

So Valentine’s day is Vanessa’s favorite holiday. She loves it, always has and always will.

Even when she was single she’d get together with her friends and they’d all watch girly movies and hang out all night (well till like 9 when my woman inevitably falls asleep lol)

So this puts a lot of pressure on me to do something meaningful for her on V-day.

We both don’t like going out to dinner like every other schmuck… the thought of fighting the crowds or waiting in line for an hour just to get a seat… Nooooo thank you.

Instead, we like to do things like go for a hike or spend some good 1 on 1 time while I make dinner…

You know… avoiding the crowds and still sharing how much we love each other.

This year, however, I’m completely stumped.

We are living in a new city and I don’t know where to take her or what to do… then, of course, I’m feeling pressured so that just compounds the inability to make a clear decision…

This is where you come in…

I need some good ideas for where to take my woman this Valentine’s day.

What will make her feel special and loved and at the same time keep us away from the hordes of people going on the lame “dinner dates.”

Question: What’s a good date that’s fun and simple but still intimate? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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