Do You Need Self-Control Or Discipline

I was talking to a friend bout an issue I have.

He said that ultimately it was a discipline issue.

I agree 100%

I need more discipline.

He then went on to say that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and I need to pursue God as a means of getting the discipline I’m after.

It got me thinking about self-control and discipline… are they one and the same? I’m not so sure they are.

I know I need discipline but I’m doing pretty good with self-control. Let me know what you think…


  1. allows you to say no to the things you shouldn’t do.
  2. prevents you from reacting out of fear, worry, stress…
  3. helps you hold your tongue when you want to say something you shouldn’t.
  4. keeps you from lusting after that woman you see on the t.v.

Discipline on the other hand:

  1. has you to do the things you should.
  2. gives you strength to take action when you need to.
  3. trains you to speak life into others.
  4. teaches you to focus on things that will make you a better man.

They really are two sides of the same coin but they are not one and the same.

Self-control prevents you from doing bad, discipline empowers you to do what is good.

Let’s be honest, we can all use more of both.

Which one will benefit you the most right now?

Self-control or discipline?

For me, it’s discipline.

Go to

and let me know which one will help you out the most.

There we can keep each other accountable and help each other out.