Nicaragua Itinerary

May 2013

251781_279689188812651_1583670755_nThis is the itinerary for our trip to Nicaragua so that you may keep us in prayer as we travel and minister.

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Day 1, May 12th : Travel day. Flight lands in Managua at 10:45am. From the airport we will be commuting to Granada.

Day 2-4, May 13th – 15th : Home visits (evangelizing), Hospital visits (praying for the sick), & nightly services in local churches.

Day 5, May 16th : Traveling to Costa Rica

Day 6, May 17th : Meeting with the Pastors of local churches to prepare for the conferences.

Day 7, May 18th : Conference Day 1. Andre and Victor will be teaching on the supernatural. At end of service prayer time will be opened up for those who need healing.

Day 8, May 19th : Conference Day 2. Andre and Vanessa will be hosting a marriage conference.

184061_279689145479322_1182498635_n-001Day 9, May 20th : Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost. We will be hosting a huge feast honoring the day of Pentecost. Andre will be teaching on the connection between Shavuot and the events that took place in Acts 2.

At the end of the feast we will be traveling back to Nicaragua.

Day 10, May 21st : Day trip to San Juan.

Day 11, May 22nd : Prepare for return home.

Day 12, May 23rd : Traveling back to the United States.

This is going go be a short (too short Cry) but power packed trip and we will need a prayer covering for all that we will be doing. We covet your prayers and ask that you would please take some time and pray that God would move in power to change hearts and heal the sick as we travel and preach the Kingdom Gospel.

 Thank you for your prayers and support!