Nothing In Moderation

I’m terrible at moderation…

It’s true.

I can’t remember one time when I thought to myself, “Wow, great job at not going all in.”

My poor mom always used to tell me, “all things in moderation” and Lord knows I wanted to listen…

I’m sure I could moderate myself if I really made it a priority but it’s just not worth the effort to me.

I’ve found a way that works a lot better and doesn’t stress me out so much.

I use the “Seasonal System.” (Just made that up right now 😁)

Here’s how it works:

Examine the major areas of your life; social, financial, physical, mental & spiritual.

Once you take a look at them all, find the one that you really want to focus on improving.

Figure out where you’re lacking in that area and spend your time and energy improving that one area.

Here’s the important part:

If you really want lasting change you have to create a simple system you can implement into your daily routine that will last even after your current zeal has faded and you’ve moved on to a different season.

For example, in my spiritual life, every day, first thing in the morning I read my Bible.

No matter what else is going on, no matter what I have planned for that day, I spend some time reading.

It keeps me grounded and helps prepare me for the day.

I don’t think about whether or not I should do it.

It takes no willpower to decide if I should.

I just do it.

It’s part of a simple system, my daily routine for spiritual growth.

All developed during a time of spiritual zeal and fervor.

My current season is one of fitness.

I want to get in shape.

I’ve come to the point where my lack of fitness and energy is holding me back so I’ve implemented a new workout routine and I’m looking into a simple, cheap and healthy diet (that I can prep on Sunday and live off of the rest of the week without thinking about it)

Once that system is in place I can move on to the next area of life that needs work…

This Seasonal System allows me to work with my passions instead of against them.

Of the major life areas (social, financial, physical, mental & spiritual) which one needs the most work in your life?

Better yet; which one are you most passionate about right now?

I’m using my facebook group – – to keep myself accountable for the areas of life I’m currently working on.

Come join me so we can work together at becoming awesome!