Nothing To See Here… Just The Enemy Trying To Scare You.

Have I ever told you about the time we met a demon-possessed man on the bus?

It was during our first mission trip to Nicaragua. He was the second demoniac we encountered that week.

The first one manifested the first night we were there. We cast that critter out that night and by the end of the week the man was seeing angels and asking for a Bible. That was exciting.

The guy on the bus was different. He just started charging one of our team members and yelling at him! Without missing a beat our friend put his hand on the guys head and began commanding the demon to leave the man.

I remember looking at the bus driver who was obviously freaking out… it was rather humorous to watch because he had no grid for what was happening.

I stood up and began commanding the critter to leave also… It didn’t last long and the man got off at the next stop but continued to yell at us from the street.

Everything happened so fast but as I look back on it now I understand what was happening.

The enemy was mad at us for freeing one of his prisoners so he sent someone else to try and intimidate us. Once the enemy saw that we weren’t going to back down he turned tail and ran… The scriptures are true: resist the enemy and he will flee from you.

Critters like to remain hidden and they only manifest when they are trying to intimidate or scare you. They do that because they know someone with the power and anointing of God is there and they hope if they scare you that you will run instead of casting them out!

They manifest and try to intimidate because they are scared and intimidated.

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