Happy New Year

So I had written an email about Rosh Hashanah… It was all about how to celebrate it and why we celebrate the ‘New Year’ in the 7th month. It was very informative, very long, and very boring. So I decided rather than have you trudge through an email like that I’d just wish you all […]

Every Idle Word You Speak

We all know that what we say matters. You know that right? Ok, even if you didn’t, now you do. šŸ˜‰ Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. – Prov. 18:21 We’veĀ all heard it so many times it’s practically become cliche. So why bother bringing it up? because it’s true… but more […]

The Past, Regrets And Your Ex

Who here has regrets? (Everybody raise your hand) I had an interestingĀ dream last night about an ex… (talk about regrets lol) It got me thinking about time, how quickly it passes and how so many of us get caught in the past… But the past doesn’t exist any more… it’s under the blood: For all […]

Why Hopelessness Is A Good Thing

Perhaps the worst feeling we can have is hopelessness. There is nothing that can send me into a tailspin faster than hopelessness. But what if I had a solution? Ok, so it’s not a solution as much as something to give you hope in your hopelessness. It starts with understanding why we become hopeless. HopelessnessĀ starts […]

What About The Hopeless?

Thanks to my new job I’ve met more prostitutesĀ in the past 2 weeks than I have in my entire life. If there was ever a need for Holy Spirit anointing, this is it. It’s one thing to be able to help someone who wants it but the lady’s I’veĀ met don’t seem to want help. I […]

Nothing In Moderation

I’m terrible at moderation… It’s true. I can’t remember one time when I thought to myself, “Wow, great job at not going all in.” My poor mom always used to tell me, “all things in moderation” and Lord knows IĀ wanted to listen… I’m sure I could moderate myself if I really made it a priority […]

The Powerless Church

Have you ever felt powerless? I know I have. It’s one of the worst feelings there is. You see something happening and there is nothing you can do to stop it. How can this be when the founder of our faith and the one who has commissioned us has all the power in the universe […]

A Man Without Purpose Is Already Dead

There is nothing worse for a man than having no sense of purpose. Ladies, you’ll be able to learn a few things too but this one is for the men. Men find meaning in taming the untamable, conquering the unconquerable, defeating the undefeatable foe. A man needs a purpose greater than himself for his life […]