It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

I remember learning to ride a bike. I hated it! My dad took me and my friend Aaron out to the park… Aaron knew how to ride a bike already… I had some trouble picking it up. I was told that only the people who could ride a two-wheeler could get ice-cream! I wanted ice-cream. I remember […]

A Healing Testimony

Good Monday to you Holy Ones. This past weekend was great! Let me tell you about it… We had our healing conference and it was so exciting to join with a minister who is being used so heavily to do the stuff… Vanessa got to pray for one of the elder’s wives… (the elder’s wife? How […]

The End Of The Year Sprint

Good morning Holy Ones. I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past week and there is good reason for it. I’ve been evaluating my life and trying to figure out what is most important to me, my family, and my families future. It’s the classic question we men ask ourselves: “Who am I?” The answer […]

This Kind Only Comes Out By Prayer And Fasting

I listen to a few different Christian podcasts… Some are more on the theological/scholarly side, some are more on the charismatic/kingdom power side. One thing is for sure… when they all start talking about the same thing, I know God is trying to get my attention! The past three podcasts I’ve listened to have all […]

The Last Kingdom

This past weekend my wife went shopping with her mom and sister… They had a great time together. I also had a great time… alone. It felt good to have some free time to shut down and do nothing after being so busy the week before Thanksgiving. After a few hours I wound up on Netflix […]

When God Makes A Promise

I’ve received many prophecies in my life. Some have come to pass, some I’m still waiting to see happen. I even have one that goes all the way back to when I was a baby! Some of them I know will take time to happen but there are some that I feel were supposed to […]

Community Outreach

Happy Friday to you! My goodness, where has this week gone? This weekend is going to be a great time with friends and loved ones coming to visit then on Sunday we will be doing our outreach to the community to share some hot drinks and God’s love with the people at the park. (Check […]

Upcoming Events

Happy Monday to you! I’m afraid my brain is a little scattered this morning… My morning routine has been ruined and my desk is in shambles (dramatic much?). I didn’t realize how much I love my routine until I had to break it. 😕 It’s funny how one little thing can throw the whole morning off. Rather than […]

The Fool’s Bench

I recently heard a story about a church that focused on evangelism. They would constantly share stories about their members and who the member was that invited them to church. It was a powerful way to get the congregants to begin sharing Messiah with the people they knew. In front of the church was a […]