The Life You Want

What if I told you I could change your life from the life you have to the life you want in just a few short minutes? I can and my part in that change is simple… it’s you who will have to decide if you truly want the life of your dreams enough to make […]

Limiting God

I was out mountain biking the other day and guess what? I got poison oak… ūü§ē It’s been so long since I got it I figured I wasn’t allergic to it anymore… I was wrong. My condition has me thinking about the limitations I put on God and how, in my head, there are things […]

No Turning Back

I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I’ve written but to be fair I also don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve visited my Mom… Unfortunately, there are times in life where sacrifices have to be made to establish your home. Right now all my time goes to work, school and my […]

Where is the LORD, God of Elijah?

This morning I’m feeling pretty inspired and I’m just gonna come out swinging… Do you have a promise from God that you have not seen come to pass? Are you waiting in faith for something to happen but still see no signs of it? Have¬†multiple prophets said the same things about you and your call […]

I Need Your Help For The Big Day

So Valentine’s day is Vanessa’s favorite holiday. She loves it, always has and always will. Even when she was single she’d get together with her friends and they’d all watch girly movies and hang out all night (well till like 9 when my woman inevitably falls asleep lol) So this puts a lot of pressure […]

Gettin’ Real Up In Here

I have a late start at work today and so far I’ve had a pretty productive morning… then I realized¬†between work and school I’ve not written an email in a while so I wanted to apologize and say “Hi!” I feel terrible about not writing and there is only so much I can do to […]

It Feels Good To Be Home

Last night I got home late from work… We were working out in Napa and had to go in after the kitchen had closed down. By the time I got home Vanessa was sleeping already and when I walked in she smiled and I just couldn’t wait to hold her. Although it was only a […]

God As Your Shield

So this morning I’m pretty excited to be putting the finishing¬†touches on our new newsletter. I had hoped to finish it this weekend but between homework for school and running errands… well, you know how life can get. #adulting That’s right, I just busted out a hashtag… Ok, enough nerdiness… I want to talk to […]

The Problem With Men Is…

I was told recently that men, (not, man, as in mankind but men as in men) have a tendency to only do the minimum¬†required of them. I don’t know how much I agree with that statement but I do know that I have a tendency of doing whatever I can to get what I want […]

Can You Run That By Me Again?

I can’t put my finger on it but today I just feel so… off… My brain is foggy and I’m not motivated for anything… I’m literally having to force myself to get anything productive done. It’s a good thing I’m starting work late today because I don’t know where my head is. That makes today […]