Father Abraham The Coward?

We all know father Abraham… He had many sons, and many sons had father Abraham. (I’m hoping you will be humming that song for the rest of the day) We all know him as the father of our faith. He’s known for his great faith and obedience to God. But, before he was a man […]

TV, Facebook & Video Games Vs. Your Life

Some people like TV, others like Fakebook… Me? I like video games. There are times when you need to just allow yourself to shut down. Video games (along with TV and Fakebook) are not inherently bad in themselves. It’s when they get in the way of achieving real life victories that they become a problem. […]

Is Your Work God’s Work?

So… I was praying this morning and a funny thing happened. God told me to get going. He’s never told me that before. Usually, I feel like He’s willing to stay there with me for as long as I’m willing to remain in His presence. But today was different. It’s like He knew I had […]

One Little Change With One Big Reward

So “Morning Routines” are all the rage right now. It seems like every podcast interview I hear goes over how the interviewee starts their day. I can’t blame them. I love my morning routine. But as it turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong. I recently switched up the order of things because I noticed […]

Meet My New Friend Jerry

So apparently I’m in a bit of a mood this morning. Everything seems to be pushing my buttons… I started thinking about how Facebook cut off the end of our video where we shared about the ice-cream outreach to the homeless and it just sent me on a rant… (I don’t have a lot of […]

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

It was a lot of fun but my dog did not enjoy it. He likes to spend his morning sunbathing and this morning was ruined because of the eclipse. I’m trying to convince myself to do the productive things I’m supposed to do in the morning now that I’m done being distracted by the eclipse. What […]

Confessing My Pride

Staying on the topic of pride I want to share a little bit about some pride I struggle with. I was recently introduced to a new minister and he’s basically doing everything I want to be doing. Every goal I have for my ministry, he’s already accomplished… Why? Because I’m jealous. Not the good kind of […]

The Person Of Peace

Good morning holy one, It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here at the Robles household and we are waking up slow. Yesterday during our prayer walk we met one of our neighbors. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this our person of peace?” If you aren’t familiar with the “person of peace” it’s a phrase that comes […]

What Barking Dogs Can Teach You About Sin 🐕

I have a little chihuahua. He’s just about the cutest little chihuahua you’ve ever seen but he’s also a punk. You can tell he tries really hard to be good but I find he often can’t help himself. Our neighbors have about 20 dogs… And they bark every time someone walks by… or drives by… or if […]