Cutest Miracle Ever

I know, I know… It’s a super cheesy title but I promise this story will warm your heart. We were on a mission trip in Nicaragua. It was one of the last days we would be out there and we like to end these trips with something fun after our intense weeks of ministering. We […]

The Wisdom Of Michael Scott

Who here watches The Office? Yeah, my wife loves that show… I’m pretty sure the only reason we have Netflix is so that she can watch it on repeat. I used to like it a lot more but after watching it all the way through about 45,093,958,429 times I’ve had about enough. That being said […]

Fight One More Round

Growing up I remember I’d often see this poem my dad had… My dad was a kickboxer so he had all sorts of fighting memorabilia all over the garage where we’d work out. This poem, in particular, stood out to me. It was there to encourage you when you were ready to give up, when your […]

Here In The Promised Land

Back in November, the Lord told Vanessa and me that this was a season of entering into the promised land. I knew something big was going to happen but had no idea what the Lord had in store. In the time since He gave us that promise, a lot has happened. And it seems to have […]

Different Types Of Anointing

Here’s something you may enjoy: One of the things I’ll be teaching about in the upcoming newsletter — — is how many ways the anointing of Holy Spirit changes your life. I give Biblical examples along with where to find them in scripture for quite a few different types of anointing and how to apply them […]

Q & A For You

So I think I may have been out in the sun a bit too long today. If my thoughts seem a bit scattered today please forgive me. 😜 I was thinking of doing a quick Q & A session today. First question… QUESTION: Andre, you mention meditation a lot when talking about prayer. Isn’t meditation something […]

When I Met My Mentor

It was probably about 13 years ago… I had just recently returned to the Lord. My church at the time was hosting a winter retreat for the college/young adults group. I remember all my friends talking about what they were going through and what they wanted to hear from God about on the trip. The guest […]

Like Captain Kirk and Spock

Captain Kirk had Spock, Tom had Jerry, Han had Chewbakka, Mac has cheese… and I too am looking for a partner. Someone to keep me accountable. More than that; someone to push me for one year. I’ve set a challenge for myself this year and it’s to grow spiritually. This doesn’t happen alone! World change […]