Our King And His Kingdom

I’m going back to school for my new job and I know it makes me a nerd but I’m super excited to go to the store and get school supplies. I have to get a 3 ring binder, a calculator and some graphing paper…

I’m like a kid who was just told to go buy candy.

I don’t know what it is about graphing paper but it makes me happy. It’s so structured and neat. I just love it.

There is something about math and drafting that leaves me feeling secure like the world is exactly how it needs to be.

It reminds me a lot of God’s kingdom.

People tend to think that because The kingdom of God is spiritual and “not of this world” that we can’t understand it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

God’s ways are very systematic. He is much more structured and organized than any system we have here on earth.

We are the ones that throw things off because we receive mercy and grace. (That’s why the angels longed to look into what we would receive 1 Peter 1:12)

This is how we can know that when we lay hands on the sick God will heal them.

It’s how we can know that when we are praying for revelation He will speak.

It’s how we can know that as we grow in authority and intimacy with Him, He will promote us just as He has throughout human history.

We can trust Him because He is consistent. We can trust Him because He does not change.

He is steady, He is unchanging and that is how His kingdom is also.

It’s nice to know we serve a God of consistency and order, not like the temperamental, unpredictable, man-made gods of the false religions of the world.

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