The Past, Regrets And Your Ex

Who here has regrets?

(Everybody raise your hand)

I had an interesting dream last night about an ex… (talk about regrets lol)

It got me thinking about time, how quickly it passes and how so many of us get caught in the past…

But the past doesn’t exist any more… it’s under the blood:

For all things belong to you… things present or things to come; all things belong to you. – 1 Cor. 3:21,22

Did you catch that?

According to Paul, “all things” includes both the present and things to come (i.e. the future),

but one thing is conspicuously missing: the past.

If the past isn’t part of “all things” that means it’s gone and no longer your responsibility.

Let it go.

Holy one, you have control of today.

You can live today and prepare for tomorrow and that’s it.

Nothing you can do will ever change the past.

Let go of those regrets knowing that God can and will work all those things together for your good. (Rom. 8:28)

Every time you go back in your memories to something you regret it’s like going back to an ex and trying to ‘make it work.’

It never does.

They are your ex for a reason.

All that bad relationship does is keep you from moving forward.

All reliving regrets does is keep you from moving forward.

Give it to Yeshua.

Understand it was all taken care of at the cross.

The blood paid for it.

You are now free to move forward in life.

Today is yours. Go make something of it.


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