One Little Change With One Big Reward

So “Morning Routines” are all the rage right now. It seems like every podcast interview I hear goes over how the interviewee starts their day. I can’t blame them. I love my morning routine. But as it turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong. I recently switched up the order of things because I noticed […]

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

It was a lot of fun but my dog did not enjoy it. He likes to spend his morning sunbathing and this morning was ruined because of the eclipse. I’m trying to convince myself to do the productive things I’m supposed to do in the morning now that I’m done being distracted by the eclipse. What […]

Confessing My Pride

Staying on the topic of pride I want to share a little bit about some pride I struggle with. I was recently introduced to a new minister and he’s basically doing everything I want to be doing. Every goal I have for my ministry, he’s already accomplished… Why? Because I’m jealous. Not the good kind of […]

What Barking Dogs Can Teach You About Sin 🐕

I have a little chihuahua. He’s just about the cutest little chihuahua you’ve ever seen but he’s also a punk. You can tell he tries really hard to be good but I find he often can’t help himself. Our neighbors have about 20 dogs… And they bark every time someone walks by… or drives by… or if […]

Work With What You Have

Today I’m working hard developing what Tim Ferriss calls a “Muse.” What is a muse you say? I’m glad you asked; a muse is a business that brings in a steady stream of money but still gives you enough free time to pursue your passions. For me, this means I’m working on a way to […]

5 Friends, 5 Years

It took me a while but it’s finally happened. I’ve realized time is the most valuable resource I have. It’s the lack of control I have of my time that is driving a majority of the change I’m seeking right now. It’s why I love anything that helps make my day more efficient. It’s also why […]

My Book Habit

Good morning holy one, It’s Monday morning and I’m feeling pretty good. there is a lot going on in my life right now… If I could sum up my life in one word it would be: Transition. God made it clear that the new house was only the beginning but I don’t think I realized […]

I Could Do This All Day

My wife loves Captain America… She loves what he stands for, she loves his nobility, his ability to lead, his clear definition of right and wrong… You know what I love about him (other than his biceps which I’m totally jealous of)? I love his resilience When we are introduced to Steve Rogers (Captain America’s real […]

Praying In The Promise

The past two weeks have been stressful. When I say stressful I mean… emotional rollercoaster wife breaking down into tears stressful. Why, you ask? Because the loan company we used lost its biggest investor and is currently imploding. As a result, we’ve been jumping through hoop after hoop to get the loan for our house. What […]