The Little Drummer Boy Next Door

My neighbor recently took up drumming. I think he started about 3 weeks ago… and he practices for hours each day. I remember when he started… it sounded pretty bad. You could hear the constant mistakes and he’d start over and over again… Now here we are just a few short weeks later and guess […]

Responsible For Your Soul

I heard a story a while back about a young minister… He was speaking with one of the great ministers of his time. He shared how he was struggling to feel like he was making an impact and was thinking of quitting. He told that great minister that he didn’t feel like he was doing […]

Happy New Year

So I had written an email about Rosh Hashanah… It was all about how to celebrate it and why we celebrate the ‘New Year’ in the 7th month. It was very informative, very long, and very boring. So I decided rather than have you trudge through an email like that I’d just wish you all […]

Every Idle Word You Speak

We all know that what we say matters. You know that right? Ok, even if you didn’t, now you do. šŸ˜‰ Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. – Prov. 18:21 We’veĀ all heard it so many times it’s practically become cliche. So why bother bringing it up? because it’s true… but more […]

The Past, Regrets And Your Ex

Who here has regrets? (Everybody raise your hand) I had an interestingĀ dream last night about an ex… (talk about regrets lol) It got me thinking about time, how quickly it passes and how so many of us get caught in the past… But the past doesn’t exist any more… it’s under the blood: For all […]

Why Hopelessness Is A Good Thing

Perhaps the worst feeling we can have is hopelessness. There is nothing that can send me into a tailspin faster than hopelessness. But what if I had a solution? Ok, so it’s not a solution as much as something to give you hope in your hopelessness. It starts with understanding why we become hopeless. HopelessnessĀ starts […]