The Power Of A Prophetic Word

Not too long ago my wife got a message from an old friend of ours…

It was about a prophetic word I’d given her husband years ago, back when we were the prayer team for the little church we were attending.

We’ve not spoken to them in years (look at that; I found a use for fakebook¬†ūüĎć).

I don’t remember the word I gave but it made such an impact that when it came to pass, they had to reach out and thank us.

(Truth is, you will rarely remember the prophecies you give because they aren’t from you. Holy Spirit is speaking to you for them…)

There is nothing more deeply satisfying than hearing that you were used by God to bring encouragement and speak life and destiny over someone.

I couldn’t tell what I was more excited about, having been used by God like that or that such a sweet family was experiencing the blessings God had promised them years ago.

For them, it was financial for other’s, I’ve¬†seen spiritual blessings, physical healings, needed breakthroughs… all because of a prophetic word given at the right time.

When you allow Holy Spirit to speak through you there is no limit to the fruit produced.

In just a few days I’ll be sending this month’s Kingdom¬†Living newsletter to the printer. It’s all about the prophetic and how you too can be used to speak the thoughts and desires of God over someone’s life.

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Prophecy is so much more than what God does through you,

It’s about what God does because you speak His words and His truth to the ones who need hear from Him.

Go do some good,