Prophetic Word For You

This weekend we visited a friends church and the leadership there prophecied over us.

There are very few things more fun than being prophecied over!

Sure, usually it’s something God has already told you but I still love the confirmation that comes with a prophetic word.

They shared with us a few things going on in our lives and gave us some important insight on how to access a few of the promises God has revealed to us.

I can hardly wait to see what God does in the near future!

That being said, I need to start doing something I’ve been putting off for a while now…

I’m going to start going on Periscope and giving prophetic words to those who join the broadcast.

I’m thinking Friday I’ll do my first “scope” (is that what they call it? IDK)

Go find me on Periscope, my handle is @AndreRobles

See you then.