Q & A For You

So I think I may have been out in the sun a bit too long today.

If my thoughts seem a bit scattered today please forgive me. 😜

I was thinking of doing a quick Q & A session today.

First question…

QUESTION: Andre, you mention meditation a lot when talking about prayer. Isn’t meditation something the false religions do and something believers should avoid?

Andre: It’s true… well, part of that is true.

There are all sorts of false religions that endorse meditation but that’s just because it’s a good practice. The Bible makes it clear that we need to meditate. Psalm 62:5 is all about the benefit of waiting in silence for God.

I think the enemy has made meditation such a big part of his false religions as a way of keeping Christians from wanting to make it a regular part of their spiritual life because the enemy knows how powerful it is.

QUESTION: Andre, how does one go about praying without ceasing?

Andre: I love this question.

It’s all about developing a constant awareness of Holy Spirit in you.

The problem most people have when trying to learn this discipline is that they forget to focus their attention on God. As a result, they wind up babbling on talking to themselves instead of praying.

Ok, last one…

QUESTION: Bro, why do you always say “Holy Spirit” instead of “the Holy Spirit”?

Andre: This is mostly a personal preference of mine. Holy Spirit is a person and not a force or a thing. His name is Holy Spirit.

People don’t call me “the Andre” (although I may try and get people to start calling me that) and in the same way, there is no need to put “the” in front of Holy Spirit unless I’m referencing something He’s done for me.

I.e. Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully during worship today.

Or: The Holy Spirit healed his broken leg.

Do you see the difference? It’s not a super important thing but it helps remind me that I’m not just some wannabe Jedi using the force. I’m working with and interacting with a person and I remind myself by calling Him Holy Spirit not just the Holy Spirit.

I’ll be sharing a lot more about getting closer with Holy Spirit and how to move in His anointing in the upcoming Kingdom Living newsletter.

I think your gonna love it but remember, only the first one’s free 😄

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P.S. If you have any questions you want answered, shoot me an email or post a comment. I’ll be answering some more questions next week.