Responsible For Your Soul

I heard a story a while back about a young minister…

He was speaking with one of the great ministers of his time.

He shared how he was struggling to feel like he was making an impact and was thinking of quitting.

He told that great minister that he didn’t feel like he was doing good because of how small his church was.

The great minister asked him, “how many people are in your church?”

To which the young minister responded, “About 25.”

Then the great minister showed his wisdom and replied, “25 souls seems like a good amount of souls to be responsible to God for.”

His wisdom came from perspective.

The young minister was worried about numbers.

He didn’t feel valuable because he wasn’t speaking before large crowds.

The wise minister understood the value of each soul, of every person who the young minister did have influence over.

That perspective gives every person value.

Suddenly even the smallest audience is of the utmost importance.

Even the single soul before you is a person to be treasured because you will be held accountable to God for that person.

Who do you have influence over?

Who’s soul will you be accountable for?

Lead them well my friend.


P.S. Speaking of souls we’ll be accountable for… We’ll be starting the Bible study Oct. 18th.

I was going to do a Meetup but those cost money so, for now, I’m going to make a Facebook event.

If you’d like to support this outreach financially so we can make a Meetup group and of course so I can buy coffee while we study go to –

I’ll send the link for the event in the next few days so keep an eye out.