A Healing Testimony

Good Monday to you Holy Ones. This past weekend was great! Let me tell you about it… We had our healing conference and it was so exciting to join with a minister who is being used so heavily to do the stuff… Vanessa got to pray for one of the elder’s wives… (the elder’s wife? How […]

Where We Lack

Good Monday Holy Ones, I’m not gonna lie, last week was rough for me. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was going on but I get the feeling it was the volcano explosion of emotion that comes from burying your feelings for years. I’ve been dealing with some issues and there have been a few exciting […]

Prophetic Word For You

This weekend we visited a friends church and the leadership there prophecied over us. There are very few things more fun than being prophecied over! Sure, usually it’s something God has already told you but I still love the confirmation that comes with a prophetic word. They shared with us a few things going on […]

Activating The Prophetic In You

Today was a long day at work… I’m tired and ready for the weekend. Unfortunately for me, I’m #adulting this weekend… This weekend will consist of moving furniture cleaning house and grocery shopping. But it’s not all bad… My family is coming up and we will be going to the fair 🎡 this weekend! I’m stoked on […]

The Power Of A Prophetic Word

Not too long ago my wife got a message from an old friend of ours… It was about a prophetic word I’d given her husband years ago, back when we were the prayer team for the little church we were attending. We’ve not spoken to them in years (look at that; I found a use […]

Where Are The Angels?

Vanessa and I like to play a game every once in a while called “Where are the angels?” It’s a fun game for strengthening your discernment and increasing your awareness of the spiritual realm. When we were first learning to see in the spirit we’d ask each other, “How many angels are in the room?” Then […]

Different Types Of Anointing

Here’s something you may enjoy: One of the things I’ll be teaching about in the upcoming newsletter — http://liveholy.org/partner/ — is how many ways the anointing of Holy Spirit changes your life. I give Biblical examples along with where to find them in scripture for quite a few different types of anointing and how to apply them […]

When I Met My Mentor

It was probably about 13 years ago… I had just recently returned to the Lord. My church at the time was hosting a winter retreat for the college/young adults group. I remember all my friends talking about what they were going through and what they wanted to hear from God about on the trip. The guest […]