Why I Don’t Get Flu Shots

It’s a beautiful rainy day here in Sacramento and, as is the norm on a slow morning like this, I’ve had a bit too much coffee. I’m in a great mood and I’m writing you today with a bit of a coffee buzz. Life is good for me here. Vanessa and I have some friends, […]

What’s Holding You Back?

This was a bit of an intense weekend for me so I’ve been going through the word like woah today to recharge and reconnect with Holy Spirit. As I was reading this morning I came across this verse and I had to stop: You are not restrained by us, but you are restrained in your own […]

What is More Spiritual; Emotion or Rational

Whether intentional or not we have all been taught since grade-school that we should make decisions based on reason and not emotion. Only after we have tested things out with our reasoning can we begin to “feel” good about a decision. We have a tendency in our society to think that our emotions are something […]

This video is of a lady we met while evangelizing out on the streets of Nicaragua.

It is mostly in Spanish (except a few parts where Victor and I are praying) so I will give you a quick explanation of what happened here:

We were out evangelizing in the streets of Nicaragua and at one of the houses we met the lady here in the video. It was Mama Ana’s turn to share the gospel and as she did there was such a connection it was beautiful!

Holy Spirit moved so powerfully it was amazing!

The woman gave her life to Yeshua and we were able to heal her of some stomach problems!

It truly was the Kingdom in our midst! Praise God!!!

Please excuse the funny look on my face the Spirit of God was so thick during this time and I tend to get funny expressions when Holy Spirit is on me!

I hope seeing this is an encouragement for everyone and will inspire you to come out with us on our next trip to take part in all that God is doing out there!

The Divine Assumption

When you begin to share your supernatural experiences and the healings that you have seen take place, sooner or later you will get someone who feels the need to interject, “You mean God did it; not you.” It takes all of my Holy Spirit self-control to not “lay hands” on them. As if I believe […]

Subjective Revelation and the Prophetic, Should We Be Scared?

No one has ever done anything great without first challenging status quo. We know that Christianity, as a whole, is currently in great danger. It finds itself irrelevant in modern society and unable to keep up with or compete with the rampant atheism and postmodern thought being forced upon our kids in our school system […]

Learn the Root of Mysticism

Now the question has come up, and I’m sure rightly so, as to why we would choose to use the term mystical or mystic to describe our relationship with God. The fact of the matter is most people think the word “mystical” refers to the occult, New Age or some other bizarre spiritual practice. And […]

See How Easily You Can Learn to Pray like a Mystic

Many of us begin our walks with God so full of fire and passion and our lives begin to improve in many ways. But as time goes on we realize there’s still an emptiness, there’s still something we are missing. Many of us become aware, now more than ever, that there is something we lack. […]