The Standard Pace Is For Chumps

High school was very difficult for me for many reasons.


  1. Up until college, I had absolutely no interest in what I was learning.
  2. I by the middle of the semester I would have enough of a grasp on what was being taught to coast through the rest of the class.
  3. I realized the class was not designed for me. It was designed for the lowest common denominator. In other words, I realized the class was designed so that even my stoner friends in the back of the class could keep up.

It’s no wonder I struggled to get through school. I was bored out of my skull!

Now that I’m not in school and I’m just learning for fun I’ve found that most things are still taught at a much slower pace than I’d prefer but since I’m not in a classroom I can fix that problem myself.

Here’s what I do to learn something new:

I listen to all my teachings on 2x speed. This forces me to concentrate and prevents my mind from wandering off.

I find a person who excels at what I’m trying to learn and I become their friend and have them teach me everything they know.

Then I break down the topic into its core fundamentals, I master those things and everything else just falls into place.

Take spiritual growth for example. If you want to grow spiritually the first thing you must do is master the fundamentals:

  1. Bible study
  2. Prayer and meditation
  3. Worship
  4. Fellowship (with others who are strong in their walk or also seeking to grow.)

As you learn these skills everything else will just fall into place.

Everything else in your spiritual walk, even the gifts of the Spirit will naturally grow out of these 4 core disciplines.

If you master them you will find that you will grow spiritually faster than any of your peers. You will quickly become more attune with Holy Spirit and what He is saying.

You will also find yourself more grounded in truth and less likely to be swept away by false doctrine.

You want to grow spiritually? This is step #1

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