The Divine Assumption

prayWhen you begin to share your supernatural experiences and the healings that you have seen take place, sooner or later you will get someone who feels the need to interject, “You mean God did it; not you.”

It takes all of my Holy Spirit self-control to not “lay hands” on them.

As if I believe that I somehow have to power to heal a person or to see into a person’s life and tell them what they need to hear.

It is Foolish to Insist on Clarification Every Time

Even when we are talking about natural gifts people do this…

You tell them they sang a great song and they respond with, “it wasn’t me it was Jesus.”

That’s funny because Jesus seemed to look a lot like you up on stage…

This sort of false humility is ridiculous and unnecessary. When someone compliments you just say “thank you” and maybe add how you’ve been working for months to get that song just right so that you could sing with excellence before your God.

This situation gets even more ridiculous when it’s something that is humanly impossible.

I Healed Him

When I share the story about how I healed the man in pain from appendicitis I obviously know it wasn’t me.

Just because I don’t say God did it through me doesn’t mean I think I did it.

When was the last time you healed someone then thought, “I did that”?

That’s right… never.

I just don’t feel like it is necessary to take the extra 5 minutes explaining that God used me to heal that person through the power of Holy Spirit.

Anyone over 5 years old should know that I’m incapable of doing that on my own.

My Assumption

From this point on I’m going to evoke what I’m calling “the Divine Assumption” when talking about the miraculous.

The Divine Assumption:
Me assuming that you will be able to figure out, without me telling you, that every miracle done through me is done by the power of God and not my own personal ability.

In the Future

You can use this post as a recourse for when you begin to share your stories and testimonies of God working miracles through you also.

When someone stops you and says, “you mean God healed them, not you.” instead of hitting your head on the table because they are needing clarification for something a kindergartener could figure out you can give them this link and they can read how you are perfectly aware that God is the one who makes miracles happen and not you personally.

Question: How do you handle it when sharing a testimony and some one feels the need to butt in with, “you mean God did that”?  I’m sure there are better ways than what I’ve done in the past. Let me know in the comments below:

  • Andre, as you know words are very powerful. What we say and how we say it is interpreted by the listener. Several scriptures address this. Saying what we mean is important so it is not interpreted wrongly. People have been led astray by heretics so when someone interjects “you mean God did it” they are doing that to make it clear that you are not claiming for yourself what only God can do. I am sure you know this already. Perhaps in your retelling of the wonderful things that God has done and is doing through you and Vanessa you can get into the habit of saying something like “Praise God, when we laid hands on … he was healed by the power of God.” You are the willing vessel through which God’s miracles are wrought.
    I agree with you that many people have a false humility. They really don’t know that though. They are so afraid that they might be taking too much credit for their gifts and talents that they dismiss their own hard work.
    Be blessed in your ministry.

  • Andre Robles

    Carol!!! We have missed you how have you been?

    I like that approach you suggested I feel like it takes care of the problem before there ever is one. I know what i’m doing from now on…

  • Diane Jonson

    Hi Andre,
    I understand that God is working through us to help others, and I believe strongly in giving credit where credit is due! As Carol pointed out, start the conversation with giving all the Glory to God, then continue with how He worked through you. I can’t quote Bible passages but I do remember a story where Moses made a simple mistake of not giving the Glory to God and was prohibited from stepping foot into the promised land of milk and honey. He was allowed to gaze upon it and allowed to finish leading God’s ppl, but because he forgot to say “it was not I, but God, who did this”, God got really mad! I believe we need to always be mindful of this simple lesson and remember to ALWAYS make it clear that we do not have devine power to do anything; in so doing, no one will misinterpret what is being told about the miracles God is working through you and Vanessa.

    • Andre Robles

      The reference you are thinking of is Numbers 20:8-13.

      If you look it up you will see that the problem was not that Moses didn’t tell the people that God had done the miracle. Everyone knew it was by God’s power.

      The problem was that God had told him to “speak” to the rock but Moses “struck” the rock in his anger. This was a misrepresentation of God because God’s intention was not to show anger with the people at that time but His provision for them so they could learn to trust Him.

      That is why Moses was disqualified from leading the people into the promised land.