The Fool’s Bench

I recently heard a story about a church that focused on evangelism.

They would constantly share stories about their members and who the member was that invited them to church.

It was a powerful way to get the congregants to begin sharing Messiah with the people they knew.

In front of the church was a bench.

It was a nice spot to sit where you could see people walking up and if you saw someone you had invited walking up you could be the first to greet them.

Every day you would a couple people sittin on the bench waiting for someone to show up who never would.

They would often be the first ones to church but the last ones to go in, hoping the person they’d invited would show up.

This bench became affectionately known as “the fool’s bench.”

The folks sitting on it had someone they were praying for…

Someone they were ministering to…

Someone they loved…

Someone they knew wanted nothing to do with God but they were waiting anyway.

Hoping and praying for the day when their loved one would finally give their life to the Lord.

On the day when the person finally came in there was a celebration…

All the “fools” could celebrate together knowing the pain, hurt and love that has gone into reaching this lost sheep.

Who are you a “fool” for?

Who are you praying into the kingdom?

And who is praying with you?


P.S. Hit ‘reply’ on this email and let me know if there is someone we can join in prayer with you for their salvation. Vanessa and I will be more than happy to join you on ‘the fool’s bench.’