The Jewish Conspiracy to Hide the Name of Messiah

masoretesToday we dive deep into the abyss of madness that is the Sacred Name Movement. To be honest I’ve been having a lot of trouble writing this blog because I know that most people will never need to read it. The only reason for writing it is to cover all the bases and make sure we don’t leave any room for these false teachings to progress.

Now, I’m not against conspiracy theories by any means; I just think most of them are not as well founded as people would like them to be. I don’t believe in Nessie (although I really want to) and while I believe Roswell was a cover-up… I don’t believe it was aliens.

In the same way, while I see what the Sacred Name people are saying, I can’t agree with their conclusions.

A few quotes from Sacred Name websites:

“Jesus” – A False Name Proving Christianity Intentionally Follows Error Instead of Truth

the false Greek name for Messiah,Iesous, is pronounced identically to the name of the Ionic Greek goddess of healing, Ieso and that Iesous may be a masculine equivalent.

Now I know better, because YAHUVEH gave me a Holy Prophecy saying the Messianic Jews didn’t want to offend the Jews, so they use the name Yeshua instead of teaching the name YAHSHUA or YAHUSHUA. (Orthodox Jews think you’re taking the LORD’s name in vain if you use the name YAH).

Most Messianic Jewish believers in YAHUSHUA are taught to spell the Name of our MESSIAH as Yeshua. The name Yeshua does not contain the name of ABBA YAHUVEH. How does the name Yeshua, glorify YAH? YAH is short for YAHUVEH (which can be spelled YAHWEH). The name YAH is in the Bible so it is backed up with the Holy Scriptures.

and finally this one:

Question: When you use the Hebrew Sacred Name of YAHUSHUA, are you still praying to JESUS CHRIST, the only begotten Son of YAHUVEH?
YES, of course! However, remember we are also warning you now to learn the true Hebrew Sacred Name of our MESSIAH because if you are here during the Great Tribulation your prayers will only be heard when you use the name YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH or YAHSHUA ha MASHIACH, because the antichrist will be claiming the name JESUS CHRIST.

As you can see there is a belief that there has been a conspiracy to keep people from saying the “proper” name of Messiah. This conspiracy is based on the desire to hide God’s holy name.

The Kernel of Truth

It is true that the name יהוה or YHWH, has a very old tradition amongst the Jews which forbids speaking YHWH. During the middle ages, Jewish scribes (the Masoretes) devised a Hebrew vowel-pointing system (those dots and dashes beneath and around Hebrew letters) to indicate how words should be properly pronounced. This system includes the practice of using the vowel points from אֲדֹנָי, ’Adonai (meaning Lord or Master, and is pronounced Ah-doe-nigh) any time the name YHWH is used. This way, whenever a reader encountered יְהֹוָה, he would be reminded to say Adonai instead.

The issue concerning the name Yeshua and the manufactured “Yahshua” or “Yahushua” (and so on) presses this “conspiracy” even further.

It Goes Like This

In addition to hiding the name YHWH, the Masoretes further perpetrated a plot to obscure its pronunciation by purposely mis-pointing other names that begin with the first three letters of YHWH (יהו), such as יֵהוּא, Yehu (Jehu), יְהוּדָה, Y’hudah (Judah), and, most notoriously, יְהוֹשׁוּעַ, Y’hoshua (Joshua).

According to the conspiracy theorists, Y’hoshua, should actually be “Yahushua” (or some other variant). Since יֵשׁוּעַ,Yeshua is related to Y’hoshua/Joshua and Yeshua came “in the Father’s name” (a distorted use of John 5:43), it should really be “Yahshua” (or some other variant). This, of course, questions the credibility of the entire vowel-pointing system and we have no reason to trust the pronunciation of other forms of YHWH as in names like יְשַעְיָהוּ, Y’sha’yahu (Isaiah) and יִרְמְיָהוּ, Yir’m’yahu (Jeremiah).

This leaves 2 options for the conspiracy theorists:

1. The Masoretes changed some of the names but didn’t think to change them all.


2. The Masoretes were true to the pronunciations of the names even when they contained the “sacred name.”

The conspiracy theorists can’t have it both ways.

I honestly don’t care if people say Yeshua’s name is “Yahushua.” It makes little difference. If they want to continue using a mistransliteration that was erroneously contrived by early Sacred Name teachers who didn’t know Hebrew, I’m ok with that. I know the changing of an “ahu” sound for an “e” sound doesn’t matter to the Lord.

What does matter is the spreading of the false accusations that those who use Yeshua or Jesus are praying to a false God or even the anti-Christ. Those are the types of accusations we must be prepared to stand against and not allow to spread in our congregations.

Question: Are there any other parts of the Sacred Name teachings you have questions about or feel should be covered? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

  • Fred Kadima Netia

    Your explanation is very clear, infact l have discovered something new concerning God’s names and l believe l won’t allow something wrong or any false teachings to our congregations, l hope l have seen a need of you to come and share with pastors and church leaders here in Africa especially Kenya if not this year please next year the way God will direct you pastor. This is just a special one amen.

    • Andre Robles

      Thank you Fred. I am happy to share this with you.
      I would love to go to Kenya I think that would be an amazing journey. Please stay in contact with us and we will be in prayer about it.

    • Thank you Fred. I am happy to share this with you.
      I would love to go to Kenya I think that would be an amazing journey. Please stay in contact with us and we will be in prayer about it.

  • Mike Martin

    Well, I’ve read your blog and really appreciate you taking the time to write it. I look forward to reading more….

    • Andre Robles

      Thanks Mike

  • Lonnie

    The Messiah’s name isn’t Jesus, that’s the main point.

    A persons name doesn’t change from language to language, it remains the same.
    People say for example that Michael is Miguel if you go to Mexico. Oh really? Here’s a Mexican news article, lets see if the professional writer changes names to Spanish names.

    El anuncio oficial será el domingo, un día antes que el Heat de Miami inicie las semifinales de la Conferencia del Este. De esa manera, James se unirá a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell y Wilt Chamberlain como los únicos jugadores que reciben el galardón al menos cuatro veces.

    As seen the proper nouns aren’t translated. The don’t call Michael Jordan Miguel Jordan.The same should apply to
    יְהוֹשׁוּעַ Yehôshûa‛.

    • Andre Robles

      Lonnie, while I agree with you that His name is not Jesus, that is not the point of this article…

      you may want to check out my other post that goes into that topic here:

    • Red

      I agree with you Lonnie, no such thing as a name change, because of a country change. If you want the attributes and power associated with the name that is above every name given unto man, then it must be said in it’s given form, not in a changed form and expect the same appointed authority and power. There are many children but if you want your child to respond or come to you, then you call them by their given name. Names have meanings, that’s why they are given to… that person or thing, to perform or represent the meaning of the name. I’m certainly not going to respond the same way to someone calling me by a vulgar name versus calling me by my given name. IJS

  • Deneice Clinkscale

    I thought that when we give praises that we are praising the Father Abba Yah and not the son?

    • It’s perfectly acceptable to praise the Son also. We find plenty of examples of both in scripture.

      Here are a few examples of Yeshua being praised for you to check out:
      -“those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, ‘Truly you are the Son of God’” (Matthew 14:33).
      -“and they came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him” (Matthew 28:9)
      -Thomas calls Yehsua both his lord and God: “Thomas answered and said to Him, ‘My Lord and my God!’” (John 20:28)
      -Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way,
      For His wrath may soon be kindled.
      How blessed are all who take refuge in Him! (Ps. 2:12)
      -When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. (Rev. 5:8)

      Hope this gives you some clarity… if you have any more questions or need some more in depth clarification please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Brad Brusenhan

    Can you discuss for a moment the difference in the W vs. the V or more to the point the uv when spelled. YHVH or YHWH is very confusing? Upon discovering the true identity of Lord, I dropped the whole Gad, Lord Ba-al and Jesus bit quick. Originally I began spelling it Yahweh and Yeshua. Now I recognize the Ye is not logical, so I switched to Yahushua. Next I concluded that Yahweh is more likely to be Yahuveh based on the pronunciation of the ending ua or weh. Now I have settled on Yahuveh and Yahushua ha Mashiach. I’m not really part of any movement by intention. I just want to know it because I believe it is important to address important people properly and we’re not even talking about people here. As well, I love them.

    • Anton Arild Raanaes

      Take a look at my web-page:
      I prayed for 27 years to get an answer how to write God’s true Name.
      Like you I have concluded the Hebrew Name seems to be Yahuveh.
      I was also about to conclude Jesus’ Name in Hebrew is Yahushua, but then the Name Yahusha came to my mind – never seen or heard before.
      I googled it, and found it is used 216 times in The Torah, while Yahushua is used only 2 times.
      Then The Holy Spirit: I was about to conclude it is Ruach HaKodesh in Hebrew. But then Ruach HaKadosh came to my mind, never seen or heard before either. I googled again, and found it possible that it may be right too.

      • Anton, praying for 27 years without taking the time to learn the Hebrew language is an exercise in futility. Take the time to learn Hebrew and you will no longer be confused or swept away when someone tries to share their “special revelation” that scholars have missed for millennia.

        I believe your heart is very genuine but you are listening to the likes of Lew White who has confused words in Hebrew because they sound the same in English.

        When you actually look at the words he’s referencing in Hebrew you can tell exactly where he makes his errors in understanding and thus where he makes his mistakes in pronouncing Yeshua’s name.

        • Anton Arild Raanaes

          Thank you for taking the time to answer.The fact is I got all the names into my mind after prayers.And when I googled Yahusha, I first found it is used 216 times in the Torah, Yahushua – which I had heard before – only 2 times.After more google searches for Yahusha, I also found Lew White’s video.So it has not developed the way you thought.I know that Yeshua is preferred among Jewish Messianics.It was even given by the late rabbi Khaduri: Prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri and the Messiah’s Return
          | | |


          | |
          Prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri and the Messiah’s Return
          Prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri and the Messiah’s Return (You can translate the captions into your own lang… | |


          However, also Yahusha contains the hebrew root word for salvation: yasha.And Yahu is preserved in many jewish names, like Netanyahu, Mattityahu, Yeshayahu etc.Strong’s Hebrew: 3470. יְשַׁעְיָה (Ysha’yah) — Isaiah

          | |
          Strong’s Hebrew: 3470. יְשַׁעְיָה (Ysha’yah) — Isaiah
          | |


          Yeshayah means Salvation of Yah.We should expect that MashiYah’s Name contains the Father’s Name.So Yahusha is absolutely a good candidate for MashiYah’s true name, meaning: Yah(u) is SalvationMessiah’s Name is Yahusha; Not Yahushua, Not Yahshua, Not Yeshua, Not Jesus

          | | |


          | |
          Messiah’s Name is Yahusha; Not Yahushua, Not Yahshua, Not Yeshua, Not Jesus This reference supplements the The Names Of The Father And The Son study. The name Jesus was not in existence wh… | |


          Strong’s H-3091 lists Yahushua as one of the many spellings of Joshua the son of Nun. Let’s look at the history of Joshua. Joshua in Hebrew was originally Husha/Hosea הושע .
          Husha was changed to Yahusha יהושע by Mashah/Moses (B-mdbar/Numbers 13:16). Later, after Babylonian captivity, the Name Joshua changed to Yeshua/Yashua. When YAHUAH Himself told His Son’s Name, He used the pre-captivity form, YAHUSHA יהושע , and not the post- captivity Yeshua/Yashua ישוע So since I was given Yahusha as the true Name of MashiYah, you must understand that I can not give it up just like that.God’s Name was given to me first, also before I ever heard or saw it written that way: JahovehBut I think it is Yahuveh in Aramaic/Hebrew. See what I quote first on my web-page:God’s Sacred Name appears in the Hebrew Scriptures as four Hebrew letters: Yud,  hey, vav, hey – closest represented by the letters YHVH. This format is known as the Tetragrammaton.  According to Jewish tradition God’s Holy Name shall not be uttered, to ensure it is not profaned. In modern Hebrew grammar this matter is so serious and important, that the verb to be is not used in the present tense at all! Reason: To say I am – by using the Hebrew verb HOVEH (present tense of to be), would imply referring to oneself as being the Almighty! An Israeli will therefore state in Hebrew:  “I teacher … I clever”, omitting the word am, to be sure that God’s Name is not profaned in any way. The rabbis within Judaism refer to God by saying Adonai – meaning Lord,  or HaShem – meaning The Name (Holy/unspeakable).
          You will know if the above is true or not, I have just found it by Google – as you say I do not know Hebrew. Anton

    • Brad, wow you’ve opened up a whole lot of topics here… let’e try and take them one at a time.

      Since it’s more on topic here let’s start with Yeshua’s name: Why is the “Ye” illogical?

  • Snootch

    The distracted goats and their desire to be saved through their works…

    There is only one Jesus Christ, and you can read about Him in the Bible. If you are having troubles with letters and pronunciations, then you are having trouble with your faith. Put the Hebrew down and worship the Lord – He will know when you are talking to Him.

    You cannot save yourself, and your words are only as righteous as God declares them to be.

  • eric

    Snooth: so all nations other than English speaking people have their desire to be saved through their works? In other words, should all nations learn to speak the Messiah’s name in English so that they can be saved by grace?

  • Jennifer Ann Kelley

    Doesn’t the title lord mean Baal in Hebrew?

    • When people say that, they are using a little ‘sleight of hand’ to confuse their listeners.

      You have to think of it the other way around since we are translating into another language:
      i.e. The Hebrew word “baal” means “lord” in English.

      It isn’t true both ways. What that means for us is:

      Every time you say ‘baal’ in Hebrew you can properly translate it to ‘lord’ in English but when you say “lord’ in English, there are times when it can be ‘baal’, or ‘adonay’ and a few other words depending on the context.

      That does NOT mean that every time we say “lord” we are talking about/praying to the false god Baal.

    • When people say that, they are using a little ‘sleight of hand’ to confuse their listeners.

      You have to think of it the other way around since we are translating from Hebrew to English
      i.e. The Hebrew word “baal” means “lord” in English.

      It isn’t true both ways. What I mean by that is:

      Every time you say ‘baal’ in Hebrew you can properly translate it to ‘lord’ in English but when you say “lord’ in English, there are times when it can be ‘baal’, or ‘adonay’ and a few other words depending on the context.

      That does NOT mean that every time we say “lord” we are talking about/praying to the false god Baal.

  • Jeanette SweetJenn Williams

    Praises to The Most High, Regarding transliteration…as a Hebrew we use a variation of Yahsuah when speaking about the son of Ahayah, Yashyah. Now with so many people learning or researching the name of God and “jesus”, there are a few variations.
    My question is does it matter as long as we know that “YAH” has to be a part of his true name?

    • It’s by no means a salvation issue.

      The issue is simply that of sounding ignorant when you run around mispronouncing a name.

      Why is that an issue? Because the moment a person hears you mispronounce Yeshua’s name, they immediately disregard anything else you say.

      Jeanette, can I ask you why you believe “YAH” has to be part of His true name?

      • Jeanette SweetJenn Williams

        I believe YAH is part of the Messiahs name because this is what I have learned thus far on my journey to the TRUTH. As far as my pronouncing the name incorrectly perhaps you can enlighten me. My purpose is to learn.
        Andre Robles

        • I have written a full article on it here

          but the short answer is that His name is pronounced “Yeshua”

          The need for ‘YAH’ to be in the name comes from a misunderstanding of what it means to ‘come in the name’ of someone.

      • Jeanette SweetJenn Williams

        Andre , I never said anything about salvation. I wanted to know the correct name of The Most High and Christ.

        • Sorry for the confusion. I brought that up so that you could understand I see this as a secondary issue not a primary one.

        • I brought that up to clarify that this is a secondary issue. There are those in certain groups that make it a primary issue…

          • Jeanette SweetJenn Williams

            Okay cool

          • Jeanette, can I ask you why you believe “YAH” has to be part of His true name?

  • believer

    If the name Jesus can save so can the name Joshua and if you can be saved by the name Joshua Then you can be saved by the name yeshua.
    And so on and so on, Scriptures are clear one name under heaven to be saved by and it is Yahushua..
    If any name will do none will!!!

    • Hi believer, ok where to begin?

      I’m going to have to do a teaching on how language works and why using the “wrong” pronunciation/translation/transliteration is not a concern… I’ll post a link once that’s ready.

      I read and write in both Greek and Hebrew and I’ve never seen “Yahushua” in the original languages… can I ask where you got that spelling/pronunciation from?

    • Hi Believer,
      It doesn’t really matter if you use a transliteration (Yeshua), direct translation (Joshua), a translation of a transliteration (Jesus). what matters is that you are referring to the Yeshua we find in scripture.

      That being said, I read both Greek and Hebrew and I’ve never come across anything remotely similar to Yahushua in the scriptures. Where did you get that name from?