The Last Kingdom

This past weekend my wife went shopping with her mom and sister…

They had a great time together.

I also had a great time… alone.

It felt good to have some free time to shut down and do nothing after being so busy the week before Thanksgiving.

After a few hours I wound up on Netflix watching a show called The Last Kingdom.

I only watched one episode but that was all it took for God to speak to me…

There was a map of England and as the Vikings arrived the map began to catch fire!

That fire spread throughout England as the Vikings spread throughout the land.

Holy Spirit didn’t need to say anything…

I just knew.

We are at war, and we are called to conquer.

One neighborhood

One village

One city at a time.

That is how you conquer a nation.

The war is raging all around us whether you like it or not.

It’s time to turn that dimly burning flax (Is. 42:3) into a torch for the kingdom.

You are a fire starter called to set fire to this land.

Go start some fires.


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