The New Moon #1

Vanessa and I just finished celebrating our 7th year of marriage and it is pretty exciting to see all that God has been doing in our lives. If anyone had tried to tell me at the beginning of it all what was in store I would have never believed them. Needless to say it has been a journey… We have both grown so much although I think I’ve had to grow more than she has. The past few months have been especially rough but after getting to spend some time together reconnecting and planning we are ready and excited about the year ahead.

7 Years Ago (How Time flies)

Ministry Is A Lot Like Marriage

When we first began ministering it was a simple passion for God and His glory that got us going. We knew what He had done in our lives and wanted others to share in the joy we were feeling.

As time goes on life happens and things come up. You begin to go through the motions and even forget about the passion you once had. Instead of a burning desire in your heart ministry becomes a second job and you can lose site of why you began in the first place. Hurts from loved ones and friends pull you down and hold you back. The troubles and trials turn into disillusion. You forget what you wanted and that the reason you began to minister was to show those who don’t understand what they are missing out on that there is a better way; a different way.

That is where I was.

But I am a man, not a swine made to wallow my life away. The past few months have reminded me of exactly why we started this ministry and why it is so imperative that we continue on in the work set before us.

The Ministry You’ve Always Wanted

Ministries, like marriages require planing and intentional action to become something you want and are excited about. Over the past few days we have come up with a few ideas to get the message out and begin building a community of believers dedicated to a life of holiness and Holy Spirit power that will change the face of Christianity in this generation.

Here are the first few steps we will be taking over the next few months:

  1. We will be creating a monthly newsletter for our ministry partners and those who want to know more about what the ministry as a whole is up to. This newsletter will be called “The New Moon” and will come out each month on… you guessed it… the new moon.
  2. We will be offering better incentives for people who want to partner with the ministry. Sure a tax write-off is good but we want people to know that they are loved and that we are grateful for their donations. We want to make ourselves more available for those investing in us and in this ministry.
  3. We will be crating products and a community for all our partners which will help everyone to develop in their spiritual walk and in the application and understanding of the gifts of the Spirit. We want to equip everyone associated with this ministry with the ability to hear from and act on God’s word. We should all be able to move in the supernatural and we are living in a day and age where Holy Spirit power is no longer an option. Holy Spirit power was never meant to be an option and we owe it to ourselves and the world to demonstrate God’s love through His power.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

If we had never put effort into our marriage we would be miserable or divorced long ago. There were skills and habits I needed to learn before we could ever succeed as a couple. Marriage has been amazing for me and it was due to the effort we both put into it. Now, I want the same for our ministry.

If I truly want this ministry to go somewhere I need to change. No more excuses. No more justifying. No more fear of the unknown. It’s time to take control and take action. It’s time to make this the type of ministry that will impact the world.

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  • Deborah Galatzan

    I happy to see you again! I have missed hearing about your travels down south. G-d bless and all the best!

    • Thanks Deborah! It’s great to see you too. I’m looking forward to sharing some news and ideas for building a community here.