The Perfect Day And How To Change Your Life Forever

As I look outside this morning I see that it is overcast and the breeze coming in the window I just closed let me know that it is indeed as cold as it looks outside. I also know that by the time I have to go to work this afternoon the sun will be shining bright and if I were doing something I loved this afternoon like going for a bike ride or heading to the beach this could be the start of a perfect day. Instead, I will be going to work in the sun where the heat will scorch my skin and eyes and if I forget my sunscreen I’ll wind up a nice shade of red.

Where I chose to plan my "Perfect Day"

Where I chose to plan my “Perfect Day”

This season, with it’s cold mornings and sunny evenings, is a perfect picture of my life right now.

I am in a state of preparation for the next portion of life (the afternoon). The questions I ask myself and what I do with my time right now will determine whether I get to enjoy the next portion of my life or if I have to spend it slaving away making someone else rich as my dreams pass along by the wayside…

Do You Remember Your Dreams

Dreams, we all have them, or at least we used to. We had passions, we had hopes and vision for the future; then reality set in. We got married, had kids, had to pay bills, had to get the car repaired… pretty soon we were working a job we hated during the days and escaping to the fantasy world of sitcoms and football at night.

Where did the passion go? What did you dream of becoming when you grew up? Is this the life you waned it to be or have you been spending the better part of your life making another person’s dreams come true?

Getting Back On Course

The best map in the world won’t help us at all if we don’t know where we want to go.

I want to be somewhere sunny… that’s a nice start but will I be on the side of a mountain riding my bike or will I be slaving away in the hot sun sweating to make another person rich?

I have an exercise we can all do to get us where we want to be. By the end of it you will know exactly what it will take to get you everything you want out of life.

It is extremely simple and at the same time extremely powerful.

For your own sake; do not rush this. It could be the most meaningful couple of hours of your life.

Here We Go

  1. Get out a pencil and paper.
    • That’s right; a pencil and paper. There is something powerful about writing something out by hand that a keyboard will never be able to replace.
    • Bookmark this page so you can come back to it or print it out so you will have the exercise handy if you are going to be away from a computer while you do this exercise.
  2. Now, go somewhere peaceful.
    • Somewhere you love and will be able to spend a couple of hours without being interrupted.
  3. Answer this question: If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?
    • Let your imagination run wild.
    • Remember, this is your “average” day.
    • That means as you go through each of the questions below, each answer must be one you could live with for the rest of your life without getting bored or dissatisfied.

Let me put it another way: This “perfect average day” would be the one that you could wake up every single day, live it out and feel satisfied for the rest of your life.

Answer these questions about your day:

-Where would you live?

-What would your house look like?

-What would it smell like?

-What time in the morning would you wake up?

-What would you do in the morning?

-What would you think about in the morning?

-What would you have for breakfast?

-Where would you go for the first part of the day?

-What would you have for lunch?

-Who would you eat with?

-Who would your friends be?

-What kind of conversations would you have with your friends?

-What are your friends like?

-What would you do for personal fulfillment?

-What life purpose would you strive towards?

-What would your business be?

-What time would you start work?

-What would you do in your business each day?

-What are your clients like?

-What’s your relationship like with your spouse and your family?

-What would you do for family time?

-What would you eat for dinner?

-What would you talk about at dinner?

-What would you do at night?

-Who would you spend your time with?

-What would your thoughts be as you went to sleep?

As you can see there is a lot to think about here but the more time you put into it the more clear a picture you will have of what is truly meaningful to you. Once you know what is meaningful to you, you will know what needs to change and what you must do to get there.

Do It Today

Skip the T.V. shows tonight. Print this post and go to the beach, the park or your favorite comfortable spot where you can just sit for a few hours and write. Trust me. It will be worth it.

You will learn things about yourself you never realized, and you will spark a desire inside you to pursue and achieve everything you didn’t realize you were created for.

In order for this day to become a reality, you must be able to touch, hear, smell, taste and feel it. Which is why you must do this exercise completely and in great detail if you want to get the most out of your life.

Remember Solomon’s words in Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinks in his soul, so is he.

This perfect day becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as you work it out and bring it into clarity.

This could be the single most important exercise you will ever do…

Share it with the world: Write your perfect average day in the comments section below. You will be amazed at what happens next. Your future is in your hands. I’ll go first: You can leave a comment by clicking here.

  • My Average Perfect Day

    I wake up to a mixture of redwood trees and salty sea air. I hear birds chirping outside and the sun is beginning to peak out on the horizon.

    For several minutes I just lay there looking out the window at the sunrise. Then I give Vanessa a kiss as she sleeps a bit longer.

    We have a good sized house with a large garden, chickens, goats and maybe a cow or 2 and a vineyard to make my own wine. It has a large living room to host guests and a large dining room where we can all eat together. The furniture inside is comfortable warm and inviting.

    I begin my day by walking downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee. Then I’d find a comfortable spot to read my bible and pray. I finish my time with God by thanking Him for having blessed my so abundantly and how good the life He has given me is. After my morning encounter with God I’d go grab some eggs from the chicken coop and bring them inside for breakfast.

    Vanessa prepares the eggs and potatoes as I make the banana pancakes. We talk for a while and enjoy each other’s company. (This will obviously have to be amended to add the kids once we have some.)

    After breakfast I head out to exercise. I’ll go surfing or mountain biking with a quick lift afterwords to get my blood going and my energy levels up for the day.

    I then begin my work day, if you could even call it work. I’d head in to the ministry office where I’d have classes with our school of ministry teaching them how to encounter God and equipping them for ministry.

    Then at lunch time Vanessa and I eat together along with a couple of students from the school of ministry. Vanessa and I have a fresh salad from our garden along with some fish (Vanessa would have chicken) and a smoothie.

    We talk about revelations and encounters we have had with God and His angels. We share about the miracles we have seen and the movements going on in our communities.

    After that it’s back to work. I connect with my friends, other ministers, family oriented and devoted to the kingdom of God and it’s growth. We encourage and pray for each other as well as plan out our future goals. I also do counseling meetings during this time for people who need a specific touch from God or guidance in a specific area of their lives.

    I then head off with the students to the healing rooms where they get hands on experience healing the sick and prophesying over people.

    We then close the day by the most fulfilling time of prayer and worship where we teach the students how to encounter God and enter into the heavenly realms for powerful, life changing encounters to equip them for their future ministries. Through their time as our students they would learn how to live and act like Jesus/Yeshua.

    Vanessa and I leave in the early afternoon for family time. We go to the beach with the kids or send them off to go get muddy in the yard so Vanessa and I can have some alone time.

    After that we get ready for dinner with the family and maybe some friends. We hose the mud off the kids and make them go change.

    We have steak, fresh veggies and corn from our garden. Then we all talk about our days and connect on a deep emotional level. We bond as we share our struggles and triumphs. We support each other as we share our hurts and celebrate as we share our blessings. We share our dreams, goals and vision for our lives.

    After putting the kids to bed I read for a bit to unwind or play some video games online with my cousin.

    As I lay down for bed I’d start talking to Vanessa like I always do and she’d tell me to “shhh” so she can sleep like she always does. I smile, kiss her and tell her I love her. I then begin to pray thanking God for another amazing day and meditate on His throne room inviting Him to speak to me through dreams and visions as I sleep.

  • Sometimes I say to my self. Why should I help my self what is the point.

  • Siatta, the point is that once you begin to help yourself you also begin to see the beauty of the life you are creating. You will no longer be a person forced to live out what life throws at you. You will find yourself making empowered choices and living out the life YOU want.

    As you begin to help yourself you will find fulfillment in your life and the actions you take throughout your day.